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It is a form of compensation for omissions in performing the Hajj, as well as any other violation of Hajj-related laws. Fidyah is also spelled fidyah or fidyahah. It should not be interpreted as a punishment, but rather as an opportunity to reevaluate your commitment to the journey and the Prophet's example. (blessings and peace be upon Him).

When Fidyah Becomes Obligatory

Fidyah becomes obligatory under these conditions: 

  • One of Ihram's prohibitions, such as applying perfume or having hair cut, was violated.

  • Doing Wajib acts of Hajj, such as wearing Ihram, are not necessary for someone who has entered the Ihram state.

  • Committed a major sacrilege by slaughtering an animal in the inner sanctum of the Haram.

Types of Penalties

Penalties are categorised according to the type of violation:

Badanah: It is common to hold a public sacrifice for large animals, such as camels or cows, where people gather to make a sacrifice (the size of which normally constitutes seven parts).

Damm: Make a small sacrificial animal available for sacrifice, such as a sheep or a goat (or the cost of one-seventh of a large animal if sharing).

Sadqah: Alms-giving to the needy and poor.

How To offer Fidyah On Hajj

Coupons are available to purchase in kiosks throughout Makkah and Mina.

Related Laws and Regulations

  • In the interest of fairness, the penalty should be paid as soon as possible, but is not required immediately.

  • Prior to one's death, it must be given.

  • If you are performing Hajj, it is not necessary to carry out this dua during the Tashreeq days (between the 10th and 12th of Dhul Hijjah).

  • To perform an animal sacrifice, the area must be contained within the Haram.

  • In order for the animal to be correct for the job, it must be at the appropriate age and be healthy.

  • In the event that you consent, someone else may pay for the Fidyah on your behalf.

  • The poor deserve to be fed. It is not acceptable to serve the meat to those who can afford it.

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