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Cutting Cords Energetically Improves Our Lives

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We develop and grow cords energetically with the people we are related to: parents, siblings, friends, spouse and kids. These cords exist at an energetic level and are positive and don't require severing unless relationship is toxic and full of negativity. You never need to cut cords when it comes to maintaining positive and meaningful relationships with your loved ones.  However, being an enemy to an old friend, ex-wife or husband is a classical example where you may urgently need to cut etheric and energetic cords to live your life to the fullest. 

Cutting Cords of Negative Attachments

What is Cord Cutting All About? 

Cord cutting is the process in which negative attachments in the form of cords(connections and communication at chakras level) are severed and broken to achieve wholeness. Cords are established whenever we come into contact energetically or emotionally with other people. Some positive relationships may have negative cords attached which requires severing if they become debilitating energetically and spiritually.  

Essentially, cord cutting is all about removing negative relationships that exist at an spiritual level with people. Cord cutting allows us to establish healthy boundaries with people by removing the negative elements attached to it.  Some examples where cord cutting becomes absolutely necessary: 

  • People you do not wish to have a relationship any longer(ex-wife, husband, or friends) 
  • Ill-wishers who wish you nothing but bad luck and misfortune. 
  • Loved ones who create unnecessary drama and conflict in your life.  


Symptoms of Cords/Attachments
There are various symptoms that suggest the presence of cords being attachment. If these symptoms are not treated and healed, a person may fall seriously ill due to the spiritual reasons alone and may as well develop physical diseases such as diabetes, or cancer in worst cases. 
  • Feeling edgy, irritable and nervous 
  • Being overly obsessed about a person or place
  • Having mental conversations with a particular person 
  • Continuously remembering what a particular said to you in the past
  • Criticizing and being judgmental about particular person 
  • Engaging in mental argument with a specific person 
  • Experiencing old memories frequently such as: oh, we used to dine out at his restaurant 
  • Being tempted to re-start a relationship that never worked out for positively in the first place
  • Having sleepless nights or experiencing amnesia 
  • Wanting to seek revenge for unfair treatment that happened in the past 
  • Unable to look beyond past 
  • Hard to focus on present things 
  • Feeling tired and heavy shoulders most of the day 
  • Experiencing feelings such as anger, sadness, despondency without any apparent reason or cause 
  • Thinking compulsively 
  • Wasting time aimlessly on social media
  • Acting recluse all the time, refusing to interact socially with people 
  • Refusing to undertake new projects or activities in life

How To Identify People You Need to Cut Words With 

There are various signs that suggest you need to cut the cords with the person in question. It is easy to spot when you are sharing/having a cord with a person. The most common signs include: 
  • You feel energetically drained/pressured in their presence 
  • You encounter them out of nowhere and surprisingly you were thinking about them lately 
  • You constantly feel the need to avoid them 
Intention plays a pivotal role when it comes cord cutting. However, most of the times we attach cords with people without us being even unaware of it. Most of these cords/ties negatively affecting your quality of life can be healed by using the power of intention and focus and forgiveness. 

How To Cut Negative Cords/Ties 
There are various ways that can help cut the cords and negative ties that are worrying you without you being unaware of it. It is necessary to make sure that you do not use anger or negative energy to cut the ties or it might backfire. Rest assured, the people who formed cords with you, they did it without knowing too. Practice empathy as well as sympathy and letting go off other people's mistakes really helps you. 

Smudging is an ancient technique used for clearing negative energy in both spiritual and physical spaces. Indigenous Americans use sage/smudge to clear negative energy and also for breaking negative spiritual ties and cords.  

Make necessary arrangements to ensure safety by using proper sage and its handle so that there is no danger of fire setting out. A lot of fire incidents have occurred when people do not take security seriously. Keep it away from curtains, carpets and papers. 

Using affirmations while burning can help accelerate the process of cutting the cords: 
I cut all negative cords/ties with this person and ask God to release him from within myself for it is best for both of us. May all negativity involved be released and returned to Mother earth. 

Ask God To Cut Cords
Another method that works effectively to cut cords is: ask God to cut and sever all the negative ties and cord that are bothering you. A simple prayer done on regular basis will ultimately achieve the purpose. An example prayer that will cut the cords is below: 

I call upon God, the Creator and All-Power in this World, to cut the negative cords with this person. I do not know what caused this but I know God has already accepted my prayer and I shall be released from this negative cords. 

Use Visualization 
Visualization is another effective method that helps cut cords. It is necessary to ensure that you do this visualization exercise in a quite, peaceful room and environment. Make sure to shut out all external noise and distractions from the room. An example visualization technique that has helped me immensely in my spiritual journey is: 

Imagine yourself being rope-tied with the person you have suspected and feel the ropes connected to the person are being severed and broken. A repeated imagery will result in your feeling energized and relieved from the spiritual baggage/burden. 


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