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Dua to spark lost love between husband & wife

  Pakrush Admin       Saturday, October 24, 2020

Worried about winning back your spouse as love has just disappeared between you two? It's time to stop worrying and start relying on Creator of all love - Al Wudud. 

It is common for spouses to sometimes fall out of love. The reasons could be many but the fact is, having hatred, anger and resentment toward your spouse can be dangerous for your overall well-being and happiness. 

Let's rely on Allah through powerful duas and supplications taught by Prophet Mohammad ﷺ and make our life full of joy, satisfaction and comfort. 

Recite this dua as often as you can:

dua for love between husband and wife

Please recite this supplication in the Arabic text along with English translation as understanding the meaning it very important. 

Who can recite to gain benefits

  • If your husband is no more interested in you 
  • If your wife is unwilling to show appreciation, love and care
  • Those who wish their spouse were more loving and more romantic
  • Husband and wife who argue a lot 
  • If he or she doesn't speak to you nicely
  • If you feel you are getting fed up with your spouse
  • Those who fear that their spouse could be cheating on them
Please remember that Satan loves to drive a wedge between spouses and create disharmony. Once love is gone between spouses, life starts becoming dull and boring and fights/arguments become common in such families. Let's pray that Allah protects love between you and your spouse. 

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If you want quick reaults

Duas create deeper connection with Allah but if you want your spouse (husband or wife) to quickly fall back in love with you, you can multiply the effect along with the above-mentioned dua. You need a wazifa based on Istighfar. 

Read more duas:


Thanks for reading Dua to spark lost love between husband & wife

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