Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dua for barakah | happiness | peace in house

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, October 22, 2020

A happy home is all we need. In order to live a happy, peaceful and comfortable life, you need barakah (barkat) in your house at all levels. 

Let's be thankful to the Most High God, Allah, Who has given us tools to combat every spiritual and physical problem in the form  of duas and supplications. Here is a very beautiful and comprehensive dua that will create peace, happiness and blessings in your house, be it a new one or your existing home. 

dua prayer for barakah, happiness, peace in house

Transliteration: Allahummagh firli zambi wawasi'li fi daari wa baarik li fi rizqi 

English translation: O Allah ! Forgive my sins and widen my home and grant barakah in my rizq

If you cannot recite the Arabic text, please read the transiliteration. Moreover, it is best to pay attention to the translation of the dua as it enables us to make sincere prayer to God. 

Who can get benefits from this dua

  • Those who wish to see their house/home filled with joy, happiness and peace (barkat).
  • Those whose wish is to see their home as a "happy home" with blessings from God.
  • Those who are worried about dysfunctional family or home .
  • Those who think their house is not sufficient for them.
  • Those who think their house is not as big as it should be. Allah will create an environment for you that your existing house will become a source of comfort and happiness.
  • Those who have just moved into their new house.
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