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5 Easy Grounding Techniques That Work

  Tim       Monday, June 22, 2020
There are occasions and moments in our spiritual journey that we become extremely un-grounded. While it may happen to just anybody whether or not they are into spiritual practice, there are some easy ways that can help us regain our grounding. The question arises: how do you know that you are ungrounded and need some techniques to regain your spiritual and psychical harmony and balance? There are some very obvious signs that suggest you badly need grounding work: 

Signs of Being Ungrounded 

  1. Dizziness and feeling of being detached from your own self. 
  2. You feel something is off. 
  3. You experience vertigo.
  4. Pain/pressure in any of your chakras.
  5. Being unable to live in present. 
  6. Extreme lack of focus. 
  7. You feel like floating above your body while awake. 

It must also be noted that the feeling of being ungrounded can be caused by several factors. At times, it is a completely random and natural occurring event while sometimes psychic attack is the primary reason. Whatever the cause, you can always clear your aura and regain grounding by practicing the techniques mentioned below.  

1-Spend Time In Nature 

The easiest and fastest way of regaining your balance and ground yourself is spending maximum time in nature. Rising early in the morning and talk a walk/run in a garden/park or any hilly area. Surrounded by green plants, trees and natural landscape, you will ground yourself faster. We are natural beings just like any other species and too much of city and commercial life  takes its toll on our health: both physical and spiritual. 


Exercise as much as you can. The physical activity helps us achieve spiritual harmony as well. A solid and healthy physical body always translates into a healthy spiritual body.  When we exercise, we move our body and chakras and any imbalance in chakras can be corrected by mere psychical activity. However, if you feel the imbalance in your spiritual body is not going away despite exercising, you should consider getting your spirit body checked for possible psychic attacks, disturbing thought-forms, or entity attachments. 


Meditation is the backbone of every spiritual practice. You can incorporate different meditation techniques aim to heal your grounding issues. I have found light meditation to be the most effective meditation technique. The light meditation is easy to practice and you will quickly see the results. 

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. Relax your entire body by suggesting it yourself verbally: "My entire body is relaxing and all pressures/pains are going away." Once you have achieved relaxation, imagine being surrounded by a light--pure white healing light that is covering your entire body. The body parts/organs that were most disturbed, point this ceiling light to those areas. Do this meditation daily at least 7 days and you will see obvious and positive results. 

4-Crystals and Stones 

Some people achieve grounding by simply wearing and interacting with crystals and stones. This technique might not work for everybody especially if you have do not believe in the power of crystals and stones. 

5-Meat Eating 

If you are regular meat-eater but have not consumed it lately, this may have resulted in you being un-grounded. Meat, especially, beef, has a power to balance our chakras and ground ourselves. If you are a veggie, you can consider eating meat for some days and when you are grounded, you can skip it again and revert to vegetables. 


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