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10 Signs That Tell You Are Clairvoyant

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Clairvoyance is a spiritual phenomenon that has always increased the curiosity of human beings. In fact, many people start reading about spirituality after experiencing something that involves clairvoyance. For example, you might be curious after seeing something really happening in reality after dreaming about it days or months ago. 

Some people become curious to learn about it after they have deja vu experiences. All these experiences are purely spiritual in nature. Are you a clairvoyant? The answer may be yes or no depending on the presence of signs within you. There are various signs that tell your are inherently a clairvoyant person but in this post we will discuss 10 most obvious and important signs that suggest you are a clairvoyant person. 

Signs of Clairvoyant Persons
Signs of Clairvoyant Person

By definition, clairvoyance means having the ability to perceive insight, information and knowledge about something that is beyond the common sense and faculty. For example, accurately predicting some event that is going to happen in future can be classified as a clairvoyant prediction. Clairvoyance involves the use of extra sensory perception to bring some unseen information into conscious awareness. Some people do it without even knowing it while some practice this art to become a clairvoyant. 

1-Strong Intuition 

The people with clairvoyance abilities are very intuitive.  Every psychic person will always have strong intuition because it is always a 'given' for spiritual practice. A person without or less intuitive powers cannot simply be a psychic or spiritual healer

In simpler words, intuition is an inner voice that guides you on a matter close to your heart and this is often correct. Intuition gives us the direction and sense of stability.  

The key difference between a spiritual and non-spiritual person is that the former knows how to put his intuitive powers to work while the latter has no clue.  Intuition tells us whether the business idea will work or not. The certain job will suit us or not. 

2-Ability to Communicate with Spirits

The people with clairvoyant abilities can easily initiate communication with spirits, incarnate angels and other unseen beings. If you have had dreams where you are speaking to unrecognizable entities, you already have inherent clairvoyance skills. 

These type of people have an easy access to astral plane and can communicate with other spirits, human or non-human. If you have ever had such experience in dream, talking to a spirit, it means you are not only clairvoyant but clairaudient as well. 

3-Knowing Future Events In Advance 

A clairvoyant person has a knack for knowing things/events of future in advance and most of the time the predictions are true. They often dream it and it comes to them in reverie. They know in some instances how things will play out in future, much to the surprise of their family and friends. 

4-They Can See Auras and Light 

The people with clairvoyance abilities have this innate ability to see colors, lights around people's auras. They can detect a person aura by reading the color/light surrounding the person. Clairvoyance not only involves seeing people and objects with mind but also seeing things as they are. 

For example, a clairvoyant will detect the light/darkness of a sick person. He will psychically see the darkness/light that surrounds that person. A clairvoyant person will also see the spirits and if you take him to a haunted house, he will quickly alert you to the presence of entities and spirits.

5-Meaningful and True Dream 

A person with strong clairvoyant abilities often has meaningful dreams that come true. They sometimes experience the entire event beforehand in their dream before it materially happens in real life. If you are the person who often has such true dreams, you are naturally a clairvoyant person and coupled with practice and training, you can reach new dimension of your life. 


6- Give Good Advice

The people with clairvoyant abilities have a strong understanding of issues and matter they are interested in and their advice is always spot on and correct. Your friends and family members are often stunned and surprised at your ability of giving correct and useful advice. If you are someone who often gives out great and beneficial advice to people around you, chances are you are a clairvoyant person but you do not know that.

7-Seeing Symbols 

Clairvoyance also involves the ability to see and understand symbols. A person with clairvoyant abilities will always be able to interpret the symbols they see in their dreams. 

8-Ability To Predict Things 

It is the most common sign among clairvoyant people. They predict things correctly most of the time and they have a strong credentials to become a professional guru who predicts things. 

9-Increased Aesthetic Sense 

They have a great aesthetic sense and appreciate beauty in people, places and object around them. 

10-Ability to Solve Riddles of Life 

The clairvoyant people are very smart in their thinking and approach towards life. They develop this ability to solve the even most complex of their lives. For example, they quickly understand the seemingly bad/negative experience they are having today and inventively conclude if this experience will help them in future life or not. For example, a business loss today might be a great profit in the future and these current setbacks are only a great lessons in disguise. 

What To Do If You Have Most Of These Signs?
The most common question is what to do if you have most of these signs mentioned above? The fact remains most of the people die without harnessing the power of their natural and innate clairvoyance abilities. It is your choice finally. You can start practicing spirituality, become a psychic, or use your clairvoyance to improve your own life dramatically. 


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