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4 Easy Ways To Receiving and Following Your Heart Guidance

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Follow Your Heart To Make Your Dreams Come True: 

The modern world has laid enormous and somehow unnecessary emphasis on "mind" rather than heart.  This sentence"Use your brains" rules the world practically and you would rarely see someone telling the importance of heart. From schools to workplaces, you often get judged by your "IQ" and how sharply you use your mind to get things done. If you are too sensitive and intuitive a person, you probably run the risk of being outcast in that setting. This articles details the four essential ways that you can use to enhance your ability to receive and follow your heart guidance. 

Heart Vs Mind Notion Flawed? 

The notion that people who follow heart guidance are the dumbest of the lot and do not have the "IQ" to survive is inherently is a flawed notion. When we talk about heart guidance, we do not do it at expense of mind altogether. 

We should use our mind but follow our heart in most instances. Sometimes, we have to go against what the mind says and follow the heart to get the rewarding results in every aspect of our lives. The heart does not always oppose what the mind and common sense dictates.
In spirituality, there is no conflict between heart and mind. A strong spiritual person puts to work both mind and heart guidance. The idea that you are "smart" only if you have higher IQ level is flawed. 

Heart Guidance Is Soul-Based

Heart guidance has always everything to do with our spirit, not minds. The minds can be conditioned and reconditioned depending on our mental labor and training but the core fundamentals of heart have always remained the same. 

Most of the times, we try to use our mind to solve complex riddles of life while the heart has all the answers that work.  Since our heart is soul-based, it knows all the reasons, solutions and creative ideas to improve our lives.  Our minds are limited in their ability to access the universal truth while our heart knows it all along. 

Our spiritual self is all knowing and it knows when to guide us in a favorable manner. Whatever our mind knows is also largely due to our hearts invested in that. See any successful person in any area of life, you would see they have their hearts and minds invested in their craft hence the success. 

1-Connect With Your Higher Self More Often

The first most important and perhaps the easiest way to follow our heart guidance is to connect with our Higher Self more often. We all have Higher Self that guides us through the right path. Higher self is the realm that connects our "spirit" self to the source, the origin and creator of everything there is. People who take advice from higher self in the course of their lives are the ones who tap into the heart guidance. The heart guidance comes directly from our higher self. 

2- Pay Attention To Feelings

Feelings are connected to our deeper spiritual self and it is the source where the wisdom and insight comes from. Focus on your feelings whenever you are confronted with a problem or situation that demands your resolution. Feelings are the doorway to profound wisdom and eternal reality of our lives. Practice paying attention to your feelings. For example, if something irritates you or rages you, you should quickly consult the reason why it is happening to you. Feelings are the signpost and essential to receive heart guidance. 

3- Contemplate On Your Life Decisions

Contemplation is the best tool to arrive at the right type of conclusions in life. Contemplation is the highest form of meditation and plays a greater role in our spiritual journey.  Review your past life decisions with a view to your present and future life. 

4- Overcome the Fear Of Being Judged

The biggest obstacle in listening to our heart guidance is the fear of being judged by other people. Fear restricts our lives and impairs our abilities to improve and enhance our lives. The fear of being judged is the worst form of spiritual and mental suppression. Overcome the fears and learn the art of being fearless in following the heart guidance. 

Benefits Of Following Heart Guidance Are Huge

There are numerous benefits of following your heart guidance in your life. You will never feel weak, submissive and depressed once you start following your heart guidance. The bad things will happen to you as they happen to everybody else but the ability to tap into heart guidance will empower you to keep yourself sharp and mentally focused. 

Thanks for reading 4 Easy Ways To Receiving and Following Your Heart Guidance

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