Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Prophetic duas for Coronavirus cure and protection

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Given how Coronoavirus has struck fear into the whole world, it is very important for Muslims living in China or elsewhere to stay alert and keep asking God for protection.

Duas and prayers are miraculous if done with full faith and thankfulness, and when done with faith in the Lord, the results are miraculous and the cure and safety is certain. So stop worrying and start practicing the below mentioned supplication every day.

Dua if already affected by Coronavirus

This dua was recited by Prophet Ayub AS after he had been afflicted with a disease that had gripped his entire body. Ayub AS asked Allah to cure Him by reciting these powerful words and he got healed by the mercy of the Lord.
Dua after diagnosed with Coronavirus
Dua to recite after a person has been affected and diagnosed with deadly Coronavirus

Dua to stay away from Coronavirus

With some people getting hit by Coronavirus every day since its outbreak, it is a great blessing that we are protected from it. Did you know that thanking Allah for something is the most powerful dua? According to a hadith, when we see a patient struck with a disease and we thank Allah for keeping us safe from it, God will make sure that we remain protected from it.
Dua to protected yourself from Coronoavirus
This dua can be recited when you see people getting afflicted with Coronavirus. The supplication will Inshallah keep you protected.

Alhamdu lillahil ladi aafani mim-mab-talaka bihi wafad-dalani alaa katheerim mim-mann khalqa tafdeela

Being Muslim, we are guided in Islam through Quran and Hadith to respond to every disease and threat like Cornoavirus in a powerful way. These supplications to battle this virus must become part of your daily prayer or supplications, as long as the threat remains alive.

Your job is to not only make these prayers part of your daily worship, but also spread it to others so that they will benefit from it.

Keep yourself updated and keep thanking the Lord for keeping you protected and those around you. The life-threatening virus has gripped China for the last few days and the rising death toll rise has scared the whole world. Another worrying aspect that calls for our alertness is that the disease has now spread to not only all Chinese regions, but also other countries.

Thanks for reading Prophetic duas for Coronavirus cure and protection

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