Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Are you scared of people? Recite this dua to overcome fears

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, August 27, 2019
There are times when you are in a situation where you are afraid of people and there is nothing you can do to remove the feeling of fear. The more you try to suppress the fear, the stronger it gets and you end up feeling helpless, weak and demoralised. The most powerful way to stop being scared of someone is to ask Allah through duas.

Instead of fighting off the unwanted feeling of helplessness, use this dua to regain your composure and confidence. Once you recite this dua with full faith and trust in Allah, you will miraculously gain power and ideas to stay strong.
Dua when you are scared of people or someone
Dua to recite when you are afraid of people such as angry husband, strict boss, abusive parents, persons with authority or government officials, enemies and others

Benefits and advantages

The benefits this supplication will bring you are countless. The biggest relief is  protection from the evil of people, but there are further blessings such as your reliance and trust in Allah will keep growing as you are now counting on God alone for your problem.
You might be wondering what are some of the common situations where you can use this dua in order to overcome fear of people. You can practise this prayer when sensing danger from or fearing:
  • People with power and authority such as government officials, law enforcers as they might abuse their power.
  • Boss: A strict employer at workplace can be a lot of trouble, both for your mental health and of course for financial health. Use this dua with full faith to stay out of trouble.
  • Spouse (husband usually): Women can recite this dua when they sense that they might face anger from their husbands.
  • Teachers/superiors: Being student you are probably dealing with a strict instructor who never misses a chance to let his/her frustration out on you.
  • Parents: If you are a child whose father or mother is angry, moody and even abusive, you need this dua. You not only have to seek protection, but also have to make them stop scaring you in the best possible way, the one that is endorsed by God.  
  • Enemy: You might have enemies and opponents who scare you both physically and mentally.

Why you don't need to be afraid

Getting scared of someone is totally natural and it is even good. When we are in danger or in a situation where we cannot easily protect ourselves, our mind creates fear so that we will stay alert and avoid harm that may come from the person. So, stop worrying about the feeling of fearfulness as it is totally ok. Here are powerful reasons why you don't need to be afraid. 

Allah is your biggest benefactor

Stop expecting people to stop scaring you and start relying on Allah. People are nothing when compared with the self-subsisting God. Nobody can love you like Allah does. Since people can never love you like God does, they sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, fearful, weak, disappointed. The reason is, people sometimes cannot accept you as you are, due to their own vested interest. Only Allah accepts you as you are and He is here to make you feel comfortable and confident. 


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