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Remembering Your Past Lives: Past Life Regression

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The concept of past life incarnation---that we have had hundreds of past lives is just as old as the concept of spirituality. Whether you believe in past life incarnation or not, the fact remains that your mind can take you to a different life, places and circumstances. It has more to do with the experimentation with the concept than the theoretical framework and its details. 

A lot of people are curious to know what they were in their past lives and what was their purpose on the earth. In this post, we explore various aspects of past life regression and steps that can enable you to know and remember your own past life.  

Should You Do It On Your Own or Hire Professional? 

There are two ways to approach past life regression. Firstly, you may undertake it all on your own and secondly, you can hire a professional who can facilitate the process. However, there are downsides to both approaches. 

If you undertake past life regression on your own, you should have a basic expertise of how it is done. The details include calming and relaxing your mind and body to the extent that you achieve a trance-like state and let your mind wander and take you to another life, perhaps another planet and world.  

If you do not know how to induce that state, you should avoid doing the past life regression yourself. It is not worth the effort. If you have learned and trained your mind to achieve a trance-like state, you should attempt it then. All it needs is the basic technique and know-how to do past life regression yourself. 

The disadvantage or downside to buying and having professional past regression service is most of the gurus and self-help healers are not expert at the subject themselves and there is a danger of you getting scammed or not having what you paid for. 

As a DIY(do it yourself) strategy, you can start looking for hypnosis and past-life regression techniques and start training your mind to achieve the state of deep relaxation so as to facilitate and induce past life regression. 

You Are Discovering Your Own Mind and Memories 

Past life regression is all about discovering and exploring your inner mind and its deeper realm that you are not aware of but it exists beneath the surface. These memories and events of past lives are present but they have not yet come into your awareness. The most important tip is: you should not be afraid of accessing these memories and past lives. They are just fragments of your mind and memories. 

You might see yourself as a completely different individual in your past life regression session. For example, you might see yourself a soldier preparing to go for a battle. You might see yourself belonging to a different part of the world, different race, different skin colour, and different religion. 

I did my own past life regression and discovered that I was a citizen of an Eastern European country. I was a trader there and making a good amount of money. I, in my current, am a business person but my past life regression showed that I was also a businessman but in a different country and different culture altogether. You have no control over which life your mind should bring to the fore. It is almost a random event but something that you can remarkably relate to your current life.

Accessing Your Past Life To Know Something

It is always a better idea to access your past life with a purpose. The objective should be to know something very vital that happened in your past life. You should have a singular purpose and objective in your mind before accessing your past life.  For example, you are facing hardships and difficulties in conducting your life in a great manner presently, you can regress to the source of this current problem. Your mind will take you to the root cause of the problem and offer a resolution to the current circumstances in life. 

The past life regression technique is also used to access memories that are blocking ourself in the present life. It offers great therapeutic material. There is an entire school of thought that encourages the use of past life regression for healing purposes. 

Remembering People and Places

Some people are curious to know their past life with special focus on some person eg: friend or relative and places. For example, you might regress to delve deeper into your childhood house where you were brought up or a close friend of childhood who is no longer your friend. 

You can dig into your past relationships to know more about your current problems with regards to establishing congenial and friendly relationships with new people and places. In a way, regressing your past relationships and living in places might turn out to be a great therapeutic experience.   

In another case, you might know by regressing to your past if you bearing the brunt of karma. For example, you did something wrong with a person in the past and now you are suffering due to the karma, you may know the exact event which is the source of suffering and you can heal that by repenting and asking for forgiveness.

You Don't Lose Self-Identity

Many people mistakenly past life regression enables them to see a different identity of themselves while clearly, this is not the case. You do not lose your self-identity in the process of past life regression. For example, you might see yourself as sick, poor, or wealthy but the version you see of yourself in the trance is very much identical to the original self.  That past life has a lot of resemblance to your present life and you do not see a different or "somebody else" in your past life regression session. The person you see is you. 

How To Conduct Past-Life Regression Session

Conducting a past-life regression is easy if you follow all steps necessary. It is advisable to ask for a friend, wife, or sibling to assist you to go through the process because it takes a higher level of skill set to conduct past-life regression alone and control your unconscious state. 

1-  Decide what idea, subject and memory you want to access in your past. You cannot simply conduct past life regression with multiple thoughts and memories.  

2-  It is always a better idea to prepare a hypnosis script for your friend to read and help induce the state of extreme relaxation and guide you through the process. 

3- Lie down on a sofa or bed whether you feel most comfortable.  Start taking deep breaths because it assists you to go deeper and deeper into your mind. In order to conduct past-life regression, it is important to reach your subconscious mind: a state we daily achieve before going to sleep. 

4- Ask your friend/partner to guide through the induction stage of hypnosis. Ask them to gently suggest you are going deeper into your unconscious mind.  Focus on your feelings and body parts especially legs. Feel that your legs and all body parts are getting relaxed. 

5- Once you have achieved the state of extreme relaxation, your friend should speak and give suggestion to you. During the trance, you will feel yourself guided and responding to the suggestion posed by your friend/partner (past-life regressionist). 

6- Questions like: How do you feel? What do you see? Is there anybody inside? are extremely important in the session. Once asked, you will find yourself answering and responding to these questions giving valuable insight. It is essential for you to record the entire past life regression process so that you can analyze the details and memories you shared after waking up from the trance. 

7- If you experience bad memories or events during the session, do not get scared or fret because these are just the memories and figments of your mind. While they do represent the actual events sometimes, they are still coming from a memory lane and you should stay calm and at peace. 

8-  Your friend/partner should immediately cancel the session by nudging your shoulder and body parts if you find yourself in an extremely awkward and uncomfortable situation during the process.

9- Once you have gained enormous information about the certain problem/subject for which you initiated the past-life regression session, you can get out of the session after your partner/guide counts from 1 to 3 and suggest you get out of the sleep.

10- Once the past-life regression session is over, you should immediately recall all the memories, situations and circumstances you found yourself in during the trance because they offer valuable insight into the problems/threats and opportunities of your present life. You should remember what country you were in, what language you were speaking, and more importantly what you were feeling. 


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