Monday, July 22, 2019

A concise dua to ask God for chastity

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, July 22, 2019
Chastity is one of the greatest virtues and Allah has mentioned its significance in the Quran in several verses. Hadiths also shed light on how rewarding it is for both men and women to be chaste, and if you are wondering how you can maintain it, here is a powerful yet easy dua.

This dua should become part of your regular recitation because it is not enough to say it verbally for a few times and expect it to benefit us. We need to practise it in an organised manner by:

  • Learning the rewards and importance of chastity. 
  • Learning the risks of not maintaining it. 
  • Learning and dwelling on the meaning and words of this dua
  • Having full faith in Allah's mercy, generosity and forgiveness

Dua and prayer for chastity

The benefit and rewards this prayer is going to give you are countless Inshallah. Below are some of the major benefits and

Avoiding extramarital affairs 

Islam eliminates the possibility of zina right at its early stages where we are instructed to follow strict guidelines that ensure safety of our soul and body. Extra marital affairs are becoming common among Muslims. The dangerous trend is that this disease attacks in the subtlest forms, with seemingly harmless relationships that start with conversations and eating out together.

With this dua, you can seek mercy from God and save yourself form going any further, if you think you are attracted to someone other than your spouse.

Controlling sexual desires

Controlling sexual desires is the key to purifying your soul. Islam instructs parents to get their children married when they reach the age of puberty. With constant practice and recitation of this powerful dua, you can build self control and will gain strength to keep yourself from getting close to anything that leads to major sin, which is zina. 

Avoiding masturbation

Avoiding masturbation has a lot to do with getting chastity because this one of the first steps that corrupt the soul and mind of the person who engages in it. Many young Muslims are addicted to this evil habit and they, most of the times, fail to resist the urge and keep on engaging in it over and over. In most cases, the habit stops only after the person addicted to it gets married. Recite this dua over and over again. 


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