Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dua for becoming pious and self purification

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Piety or taqwa is all about protecting one's self from sins and deeds that harm it, but in order to start your journey of purifying your soul and nafs, you need something easy and powerful to get yourself started and make consistent progress. Nothing is better than a simple and comprehensive dua that can enable you to ask God for the fulfilment of your desire.

This dua for piety can be practised on a regular basis and you must include it to your daily prayers. The wordings are easy to recite, plus there is English translation and transliteration along with the Arabic text.

Dua to become pious and purify soul


Allahumma aati nafsi taqwaaha wazak-kiha anta khairu mann zak-kaha wa-anta waliyyuha wa-maulaaha

English translation

O Allah, grant my soul its piety and purify it, for You are the best to purify it. You are its protector and guardian. 

To to be pious, you not only need to practise this dua properly but you should also start trying to change your attitude and mindset. This process starts with simple acceptance, honesty and repentance for your sins, mistakes, negligence and arrogance.

Most of the times, we avoid taking practical measures for your self and heart cleansing, as we only focus on reciting duas verbally. Unless we work on our self  on the daily basis, keeping a strict check on our thoughts, actions and deeds, we cannot achieve this goal. 

Ways to get the most out of this prayer

Simple recitation works hundred percent of the time, but if you lack focus and sincerity, your dua may take longer than normal to get answered by God. So, what you have to do, in addition to recitation, is follow a course of action.

  • Acceptance: Accept your current state, mindset and spiritual health. Be open to Allah and sincerely express your weakness and laziness
  • Repentance: Repent for your past mistakes, sins and deeds that have been blocking your spiritual growth
  • Gratitude: Try your best to be thankful to Allah all the time, for every single blessings He has blessed you with. Thank Him for letting you have the desire to become pious as not many people in the world are aware of the importance of it. Consider yourself gifted and blessed. Remember this Quran verse as it will keep you optimistic about the mercy of God
"Why should God punish you (for your past sins) if you become thankful and believe in Him? God is always responsive to gratitude and is All-Knowing" (Al Nisa 4:147)  

Thanks for reading Dua for becoming pious and self purification

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