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6 beautiful duas to seek guidance from Allah

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, July 21, 2019
In order to live a successful life both in this physical world and the hereafter, we need constant guidance that can keep us on the right path that leads to bliss, happiness and protection from hellfire. However, our ego and mind keeps us trapped and blocked from getting close to God and attracting His bounties.

These are 6 simple and beautiful duas we can practise and make them part of our daily routine in order to get guidance and avoid falling into the traps of Shaitan.

Dua # 1

dua for piety and taqwa

Transliteration: Allahummah dina bil huda, wa-zayyan-na bit-taqwa

English Translation: O Allah, guide me to right path and bless me with piety

Dua # 2

Transliteration: Waghfir lana fil akhirati wal-oola

English Translation: And forgive us in this world and in the hereafter

Dua # 3

Transliteration: Allahumma inni as-alukal huda wattaqa wal-afaafa wal-ghina

English Translation: O Allah, I ask You for guidance, piety, chastity and independence

Dua # 4

Transliteration: Allahummahdini min indika, wa-afid alayya min fadlika, wa-asbigh alayya mir-rahmatika, wa-anzil alayya mim barakatik

English Translation: O Allah grant me Your special guidance, confer upon me Your grace, bestow amply upon me Your mercy, and send down upon me Your blessings

Dua # 5

Transliteration: Allahummaj-alin mim-mann tawak-kala alaika, fakafaitahu wastahdaka, fahadaitahu wastansaraka fanasartahu.

English Transliteration: O Allah, make me among those who rely on You and You suffice them, and among those who ask You for guidance and You grant it to them, and place me among those who ask You for help and You help them. 

Dua # 6

Transliteration: Allahumma inni as-aluka imaanan daiman wahudan qayyiman wa-ilman naafi-aa

English Translation: O Allah, I ask You for abiding faith, right guidance and for knowledge that is beneficial
These supplications are in the form of Arabic text with English translation and transliteration to help you pronounce them easily. Please note that the transliterations have been written in a way that they sound similar to the actual Arabic pronunciation and tajweed. Some transliterations do not follow exact tajweed and pronunciation, rather they focus more on spelling rules. 

Guidance, which is hidayah in Arabic, comes from God as everything happens by His will. But what's equally important is that we have been given free will and choice to seek it. We cannot simply sit back, do nothing and then wait for Allah to grant us hidayah. He has given us aql, which allows us to think, ponder and raise logical questions that ultimately lead to awareness about our selves and the Creator. 

For powerful and 100% results 

  • Have sincerity and be honest. Allah knows what's our current condition is so our best bet is to accept our weakness and convince Him that we are serious about getting hidaya.
  • Have full faith in the attributes of Allah, especially these: Merciful, Loving, Generous, Forgiving, Appreciative, and All-powerful. Dwelling on these beautiful names of God gives us certainty that we can get our prayers answered with optimism and thankfulness.
  • Repent for sins, mistakes and negligence. Allah loves those who admit their wrongdoing and lack. 
  • Thank Allah on a consistent and regular basis. Start your gratitude (shukr) by thanking Him for helping you understand the importance of guidance. There are many people who die without getting guidance. You are fortunate that you are here reading these dua for hidayah, and the entire credit goes to The Most Loving and Most Merciful God. Start giving thanks daily and properly.
  • Be regular and consistent in your dua. The result for any dua also depends on how passionate and ambitious you are. If you are passionate and eager for hidaya, you will definitely be regular in prayer. So, being punctual is very important.
  • Have patience. Patience is the key to getting Lord's help. Whenever you find yourself doubting and turning away from the remembrance of Allah, remind yourself of this powerful Quran verse: Inallaha ma'assaabireen (Indeed Lord is with those who are patient). 

God guides those who want to be guided 

Many Muslims and non-Muslims mistakenly think that since guidance is in the hands of Allah, there is no use trying to ask for it. Wrong beliefs like this are the result of lack of knowledge and unawareness. When we do not understand the nature of creation, our own selves and the universal laws governed by God, such wrong assertions are not unusual. 

Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves

We have been given conscious control by Allah, which means we have full control over our thinking process. What to think and what not to think is entirely our choice. Why? because Allah tests us this way. If He blocked us from seeking guidance and He forcibly led people astray, then there'd be no point in asking people to worship and seek hidayah. 

A free and fair test is one that allows you to have 100% responsibility and control over your thoughts and actions. Sometimes we use Quran verses as an excuse and try to shift the blame and responsibility to Allah for not doing anything for us. Allah has already told us to ponder over His creation and ayats. 

Thanks for reading 6 beautiful duas to seek guidance from Allah

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