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Cancer cure with a powerful prophetic dua from Quran

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Cancer may be a chronic disease but it surely isn't bigger than the Lord who is not only All-Powerful, but also the Most Merciful. I am going to share with you a powerful yet simple prophetic dua from Quran that healed Ayub AS after he had been afflicted with a life-crippling disease.

If you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer, you must know that you not only need physical help such as medical treatment, but also spiritual cleaning that comes through dua and prayers. I have seen many people cure their cancer miraculously by making sincere and heartfelt dua to Allah. You can also be one of those who have experienced God's generosity and mercy in the form of removal of this disease.

dua prayer for cancer cure from Quran
This dua, from Quran, can cure cancer, if you have faith, patience, and gratitude. 

dua for cancer cure

Transliteration of the dua

Rabbi anni massaniya-durru wa-anta arhamur rahimeen

English Translation

O Lord, Indeed, harm has afflicted me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy
This powerful supplication was made by Ayub AS while he had been afflicted with a disease for a long long time. After having faced this trial for years, Allah finally had mercy upon Him and he got healed.

If you or the person having cancer find it hard to read the Arabic text and even transliteration, you can still make the most of it by listening to its recitation. Recitations are a good way to put you in harmony as listening can be done while you are comfortably sitting in a quite place or even lying in your bed. All it takes is full faith in Allah, His power and mercy to heal.

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For fast and miraculous results

Of course with a disease like cancer, your goal should be to get out of it as quickly and comfortably as possible. In addition to lots of money being spent on treatment and medical assistance, the mental stress and anxiety faced by the patient and family members is huge. So, you have to practise this dua more proactively and with strong faith in the All-Powerful and the Most Generous Lord. 

You have to take the time out from your daily schedule and sit in silence to practice it. Sitting in silence where no disturbance can distract your focus actually sharpens your awareness and quickly connects your heart and mind to your original source, Allah. This actually enable you to shut your logical mind that is designed to pay attention to negativity and fear.
  1. Surrender to the power, might and mercy of Allah. Accept that you are nothing compared with the might of Allah and there is no power in the whole universe that can heal you.
  2. Have one hundred percent belief that this dua is going to remove cancer.
  3. Block all kinds of doubts, negative news about cancer and its dangers. Just fill your mind with God and His powers. Push every single negative though out of your mind.
  4. Have patience. Do not start getting impatient by asking questions in your mind such as why it's taking so long or when it's gonna be healed. Whenever impatience attacks, bring this Quran verse to your mind: Innallaha ma'as sabireen (Allah is with those who are patient).
  5. Start proper gratitude (shukr) practice: Dua done with gratitude or thankfulness creates miracles that human mind cannot even imagine. You can take a notebook, a journal or simply a piece of paper or simply by sitting in silence and start thinking. Look for positive things that are happening regarding the ongoing cancer. You can come up with hundreds of positive things like medical help, finding this Quranic dua on this website, money in the bank with which you are getting medical treatment, people and family support and many other blessings that are being given to you presently by Allah. Start focusing on these things as you write them down. Do it every day. As you practise this, you will start making a mental shift and adjustment with the divine power of Allah and your mind will powerfully be shifted from focusing on cancer to focusing on full cure. If you continue this courage, your dua process will get faster and a miracle will happen Inshallah. 👉 100 things to thank God on a regular basis
* There are people who have cured diseases like cancer with just by practising shukr and repentance (istaghfar). When we are are thankful or in repentance, we are in a surrender state. Allah likes it when we surrender our self to Him and His power. As for medical help or treatment at the hospital, thank Allah for that too as it is also as physical means are also blessings from Him. 

Medical treatment too is from Allah, not just this dua

Do not let Satan fool us that physical or worldly things such as hospital, medicines, machines operate, doctors and nurses are the things outside the domain of Allah. No. Every single thing is the work of Allah. Doctors who are treating your patient cannot even stand for a second if Allah removes oxygen from air as they will die of shortage of air in the lungs. If Allah shakes the Earth, no hospital can stay on the ground. If Allah stops the entire universe, nothing will remain. So, we must treat every single of these things as "help from Allah" and start feeling thankfulness for them. 

Dua can be recited for all types of cancer

There is no distinction when it comes to the type of cancer your patient is dealing with. People will want to know whether certain duas work for certain types of disease. It works fine for all as long as you are sticking to the basic principles for dua making, which we have discussed in 5 points above (go read them again as these are the points that will fasten your results with the cure). 

This dua will Inshallah heal cancer of:
  • Blood
  • Lungs
  • Breast
  • Brain
  • Bladder
  • Lymphoma and Leukemia 
  • Cervical
  • Skin
  • Prostate
  • Kidney 
  • Thyroid 
  • Every single type

If the disease has reached the last stage

Let's first understand the basic rule of dua success. The more intense and sincere we are in dua, the faster Allah listens to it. You need protection at all levels and stages and even when you are healthy and without any disease, but when cancer has got to the last stage, you need to come up with a complete surrender and full reliance on Allah. Full reliance means, your focus is now only on Allah and nothing else.

Here's an open secret from Quran

When someone in most challenging situation convinces Allah that they are going to be extremely and sincerely thankful to Him if He removes that trouble, then Allah listens to their dua

Don't take it lightly. You must start thanking Allah in advance, right now, right here. Although your wish hasn't come true, just try to feel, sound, and act thankful. Even if you have to fake the feeling, do it as Allah will know that you are sincere and willing to get your desire (cure) fulfilled.
Why thankfulness in advance works so miraculously? The simple answer is: Nothing pleases Allah more than His praise and appreciation. If we can thank Him for a wish in advance, He fulfils that wish. This way of dua is so powerful that Allah has mentioned it in the Quran. 

Thanks for reading Cancer cure with a powerful prophetic dua from Quran

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