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Gratitude dua that makes impossible possible

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Did you know that gratitude had power to manifest any dua and prayer, if it is done in advance? For instance a nice house, a car, or a child or removal of a life-threatening disease. Sounds too good to be true? 

When we have tried everything to change our situations and when there is no hope left, we need a dua that renews our faith, gives us inspiration and best of all makes it an effortless experience. The only thing that can do it is just "gratitude" (shukr). 

The fact is, when we give extreme and sincere thanks to Allah in advance for something we want, God/Creator fulfils that desire/dua, no matter how bad or impossible our current situation may look. 

dua for making impossible possible

This post will cover

  1. Quran verses: Hidden power of gratitude mentioned in two Quran verses 
  2. An easy method to use this dua: Simple steps to actually using this for your desires, goals and wishes.

Will this dua work hundred percent of the time?

Without a doubt. Many of us don't know this secret. And believe me, if you failed to make this prayer work, it would be only because you failed to do it the right way and with required energy (time, patience, passion, humbleness, and faith). If you don't get your wish, it will only mean that you haven't expressed sincere, deep and strong thanks to God in advance. Simple.  

I have mentioned the Quran verses below and we will have a look at them.

But first, let's just learn how to do this dua, and in a manner that actually convinces Allah to give you your wish.

Thank Allah and make everything possible

How to thank to Allah in advance for anything impossible

Below are the simple three steps to getting any of your need fulfilled by Allah, the Most Merciful (Al-Rahman) and Loving (Al-Wudud)

  1. Sit in a quite place where there is no distraction 
  2. Imagine how much thankful you will be if Allah fulfils your wish/desire/need
  3. Now, close your eyes and start imagining how much thankful you will be to Allah. Imagine how you will be giving thanks, what words you will be using to say thank and what feelings you will be creating for Him and His mercy upon you. Will you tell Him that you love Him? Just imagine all of these scenes in your mind and try your best to convince Allah that you will not disappoint Him if He answers your prayer and give you your wish. Do you best to let Him know that you will stop being thankless and you will tell other people about the importance of gratitude (shukr). 
  4. Make a promise to Allah that you will not be giving credit to the fuilfilment of this dua other than Him because He does all things, so all thanks should be given to Him alone. Just make this promise silently in your heart.

Do this session after every salah, especially after fajr and asr. Continue this for at least 21 days. In a few days, if you continue the 4-step method, you will start seeing positive signs. But you have to continue the practice, without any break or gap.  

Trust me, if you can convince Allah before the fulfilment of your desire that you are going to be extremely thankful to Him and His favor upon, He will do it for you in reality. Go try it and you will be shocked to know how much Allah loves His praise and thanks. 

For example, if you are praying for a new house and you want it at all costs. All you have to do is let Allah know how much thankful you are going be after receiving the new house. Follow the 4 steps as instructed above. Be ready to see miracles ! And then your only job is just to give unlimited thanks to your Lord.  

* This Dua session should not last longer than five minutes. Repeat this dua session after every salah. 


When you give thanks to Allah for something in advance, Allah will intelligently and powerfully make arrangements for your dua to come true. Keep practising the session. You will soon start seeing signs and opportunities for your new house to come into existence (thanks entirely to Allah). Just keep doing this dua daily (best if you can repeat it after every salah).

Where's the secret of gratitude mentioned in Quran?
You must be wondering what thankfulness (shukr) has to do with something you have not received yet? Sounds confusing to many of us (even confusing to those who practise Islam every day) because we are never taught the wonders of thankfulness and gratitude to Allah. But this secret truth is mentioned in Quran and many of us don't notice it. The reality is, Allah loves His praise so much. He gets happy when we acknowledge His power and mercy.

Verse Number # 1

Surah Younus: Verse No. 22 and 23 
"It is He who enables you to travel on land and sea until, when you are in ships and they sail with them by a good wind and they rejoice therein, there comes a storm wind and the waves come upon them from everywhere and they assume that they are surrounded, supplicating Allah, sincere to Him in religion, "If You should save us from this, we will surely be among the thankful.""But when He saves them, at once they commit injustice upon the earth without right."

Verse Number # 2

Surah Al-Araf: Verse No. 189 
"And when it becomes heavy, they both invoke Allah, their Lord, "If You should give us a good [child], we will surely be among the grateful." But when He gives them a good [child], they ascribe partners to Him concerning that which He has given them. Exalted is Allah above what they associate with Him."
Now that you have read both the verses that talk about the hidden power of gratitude that many of us don't notice and continue to live our life in disharmony with Allah. Both verses show that humans generally do no like to praise and appreciate Allah and when they have tried their best to solve their problems and when everything has failed, only then they promise Allah to be thankful. 

But what's more important is that Allah still answers their prayer and saves them by giving them their wish, only because they promised that they would give Him thanks if they were protected by Him. But human tragedy is that they are thankless and forget the favours their Lord does to them and start associating the fulfilment of their dua to things other than God. 

After receiving the gifts and blessings from Allah, people start giving credit to created things that had no power in creating anything. Some people give credit to idols. Modern man usually gives credit to luck, country, people, his/her abilities and education, intellect and mind. And those who get healed, they start giving credit to medicines, doctors and modern technology. We quickly undermine God and devalue Him as soon as we get out of trouble. This human behavior is called ungratefulness, which is opposite to thankfulness. 

If we learn to be thankful, we will start experiencing miracles in all areas of our life as nothing makes Allah happier and His praise and appreciation. 

Thanks for reading Gratitude dua that makes impossible possible

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