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Simple Islamic dua to build good character in you

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Having good character is all about adhering to the guidelines laid out by Allah in His book and hadiths from Prophet Mohammad SAW. Most of the times we consume our thoughts and energy in making our physical and material life better, but we wilfully ignore deeds that make our character beautiful in the eyes of both the Lord and people.

This simple, yet comprehensive dua is what we need in today's dog-eat-dog world so that we can gain success both in this world and hereafter.

Dua to make your character good

This dua is all about asking Allah to build our character just like He has made our physical appearance perfect and complete. Read the simple yet powerful English translation over and over until it gets fixed in your mind. Remember, the best way to make the most of any dua is to recite it not just using our tongue, but also from our heart.

"O Allah, You have made my body beautiful. So, beautify my character as well."

Importance in Hadith

There are several hadiths from Prophet Mohammad SAW about the significance of having good character, which means we have to pay more attention to this area. Today, many Muslims mistakenly believe that Islam is more about doing certain rituals and taking physical actions. This attitude towards deen actually lessens the importance of deeds that are not visible to the world, as we only worry about what's visible and measurable, such as offering salah, fasting in Ramadan and performing hajj.   
Hadith on importance of good character

In order to act upon this powerful hadith and successfully making ourselves eligible for this greatest reward, all we have to do is try to follow the life of Prophet Mohammad SAW and what the Quran instructs us to do.

How to get powerful results from this dua

A dua or prayer is not merely about uttering certain words and expecting it to benefit us. In reality, we often look for quick fixes and tend to fall into the trap of negligence and impatience by not paying attention to meaning and the objective of dua. When we do not get results from duas, we start losing hope and even stop making supplications anymore. Unless your desire or dua becomes your top priority, you are not going to see positive results. 

Paying attention to these points will enable you to get hundred percent results Inshallah:
  • Have one hundred percent faith in Allah, His Love, Mercy, Generosity and Forgiveness.
  • Accept your current reality gracefully and with open heart. No matter how negative your character is right now, just accept it with full sincerity. Allah loves it when we are authentic and honest with Him and with ourselves. 
  • Be regular in making this dua. The more you do it, the faster the results. If you continue it for a few days and stop doing it after some times, you will only delay your results. 
  • Thank Allah for this dua and for your sincere willingness to change yourself. Nothing is more powerful than sincere thankfulness. 
  • Be patient. Patience will enable you to stop the negative flow of thoughts that keep creating disappointment in you. 
  • Repent. Repentance allows us to reconnect with God as it makes us surrender and accept that we are full of mistakes. 
  • Increase your knowledge by reading hadiths and Quran verses about good character.
  • Learn why having positive character is beneficial and full of rewards. 
  • Learn about the dangers and risks of not having good character.  
Since this dua is comprehensive and covers all the aspects of good human qualities required by God for our success, you are going to see improvement in countless areas of your life. This dua can be recited to grow in:

1) Kindness 

Kindness is all about being generous and considerate. Imagine this dua bringing you the fruits of this powerful human quality, which means you will be following one of the most notable characteristics of Prophet Mohammad SAW. Here is an authentic hadith that sheds light on the importance of it:
"Every act of kindness is a sadaqa (charity)" - Bukhari, Muslim

2) Forgiveness and showing mercy to others

Allah loves those who ignore and forgive other people for their mistakes. We are often quick to judge others and come hard on those who have hurt us or made a mistake. Forgiveness and showing mercy to people is part and parcel of having good character. 

3) Overcoming bad manners

Bad manners can include a wide range of negative human traits that must be avoided at all costs in order for us to lead a successful life both in this material world and the hereafter. This dua is all you need to get rid of unwanted behaviour and develop good manners liked by both God and people around us.

4) Politeness

Politeness is part of good manners and it involves giving respect to others. In order to get the picture of this powerful human trait, all we have to do is look at collections of hadith that tell us how polite Prophet Mohammad SAW was. 

5) Empathy

An often overlooked trait that we all need in today's ruthless competitive world. Empathising with others is the key to having good character as we have to deal with different kinds of people in our day to day life and we are expected to help them.  

6) Humility and humbleness

A good character is one that has humility and humbleness. Allah does not like those who are proud and arrogant
"Allah does not love anyone who is self-deluded and boastful" Quran 57:23
Being humble is actually being realistic with life and your own worth. When we look at life and ourselves with an unrealistic view, we end up making false conclusions about ourselves and this paints a very negative picture of us, both in the eyes of God and humans. Practise this powerful dua to develop this trait.

7) Responsibility

Being responsible is all about understanding your life purpose and accepting your current situation, no matter how good and unwanted it may seem. Allah wants us to be responsible and that is why He asks us to keep reviewing our thoughts, deeds and actions.

Being responsible also means that you use the gift of aql (intelligence) and come to the right conclusion in every situation. Allah has instructed humans to use aql in several verses of the Quran. It also calls for gaining understanding of why we were born and what's our purpose. As we grow in knowledge about our own life and the universe, our knowledge about God increases, which is the ultimate truth of our existence.

8) Honesty

This dua is aimed at developing honesty, a trait that makes you more than truthful. When you are honest, you are ready to be courageous, straightforward and realistic. It also means that you avoid being a hypocrite by showing honesty or telling the truth. You do not care about people's opinions, reactions and judgements about you as all you care about is Allah, His pleasure and His instructions. 


Thanks for reading Simple Islamic dua to build good character in you

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