Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Subscribe to Uth Non Stop Offer in simple steps

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Uth Non Stop offer is for those who don't want to stop talking and want loads of SMSs without having to pay much. The best thing about this amazing offer is that you can talk to any Ufone user, as the previous offers typically restricted the consumers to certain number of Ufone users (usually 1, 2 or 3 in most services).

Key package features

  • After first three minutes you can talk for free
  • You can make a call to any Ufone number (no restriction of numbers)
  • No time limitation (all through the day - 24/7)

How to subscribe to uth non stop offer, rates, code

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to Ufone's Uth Non Stop SMS offer, please dial the code *22#. Another way is to type in "22" in your SMS and send it to 444.

Any City, Any Number

You can dial any Ufone number, in any city of Pakistan, and after the first three minutes you can talk for free (even if the call continues, say, for more than 10 hours).

Tons of SMS at cheaper rates

Another thing that is making text-crazy Ufoners love this package is its freedom of making unlimited SMSs. The rates are surprisingly low, offered at just Rs. 1.99

Pricing is usually the factor that keeps many text-obsessed users in a tight spot as these are the type of consumers who are usually on a tight budget, but they gotta stay connected by typing messages to friends and their loved ones. 

That is why the offer, understandably, is luring the youth, students, low-paid employees whose job description involves a lot of texting, and stay-at-home teenagers.

The package was extended due to high demand

Ufone officials might not have expected to see an overwhelming response from the consumers - mainly the youth - as the company was forced to reconsider its decision to discontinue the package when it extended it for a month, restarting from September 14, 2010 till October 14, 2010.

When the company extended the package for a month back in 2010, it had already stopped accepting new subscriptions as only the existing subscribers were allowed round-the-clock free calls. 


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