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Ufone SMS bundle packages for 2018 - Daily, Weekly and Unlimited

Ufone SMS bundle packages: Rates, codes for activation and deactivation 

Ufone doesn't stop amazing its users who are heavily dependent on SMS or text-obsessed consumers. The company has unveiled a host of cool packages with low rates yet the number of SMS you can make is as promising as before. Checkout the rates, codes to subscribe and validity period for each package.

Daily Packages

Daily Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 4.77 (inclusive of taxes)1,50024 Hours605
How to unsubscribe/deactivate Daily Package?
To unsub or deactivate the package, please write 'Unsub' in your message box and send it to 506

Daily Package will keep resubscribing automatically
This could be a huge blessing for easy-going slackers (lol) as they don't have to go to "write message" box and send another subscription text to the company every 24 hours to keep the package activated. Ufone is here to do it for you. Sit back and enjoy the service.

If you want to continue to use the daily package without having to resubscribe by sending 'sub' to 605, be sure that you don't run out of your balance as it will get you deactivated from it. 

Two-week Package

Fortnightly Package

SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 35.85 (inclusive of taxes)10,00014 Days603

Unlimited SMS Offer

Unlimited Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 95.69 (inclusive of taxes)20,00030 Days607

Annual Package Plan

Yearly SMS Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 795.87 (inclusive of taxes)Unlimited*One Year601
*Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply.

Weekly Bucket

*Weekly SMS Bucket
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 11 .95 (inclusive of taxes)1,20007 Days608

*This package is only valid for Uth Package Customers.

How to unsubscribe weekly SMS package?

Step 1) Go to "write message" section and type in 'Unsub'
Step 2) Send the written message to 8066

45-Days Bucket

45 Day SMS Bucket
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 118.31 (inclusive of taxes)30,00045 Days614

For more details, please log on to Ufone official site to get a better idea of how the packages work as you might have a lot of other questions regarding each package. 

How to subscribe to any package of your choice?

Step 1) Go to your "write message" box and type 'Sub'
Step 2) Send this message to your choice of above-mentioned codes (see the tables above to find the code of your choice).

Please do not forget to give a thorough read to the terms and conditions section at the official Ufone site as there may be many technical points you are still unaware of.  For instance, various taxes depending on where you live (province/Federal) are typically applied to all Ufone's services. 

Charges for an SMS package change
Keep in mind that subscribing to a package will incur cost, which Ufone mentions as "standard rates to be applied." There are costs (albeit meagre) on each of the company's service. For instance switching to another SMS package will typically incur cost. To give you a rough idea of the charges and rates for an "SMS package change,". 

To deactivate a package and switch to another one , you will be charged a standard rate of Rs. 11.9 (inclusive of taxes).

How to check remaining free SMS?
To check remaining number of free SMSs, send a blank message/text to 606. You will also get to know about the expiry date of package.

Be informed about the taxes applied 
GST (General Sales Tax), being the most popular form of tax, is applied to each of the services, but there is another form of taxes levied - AIT (Advanced Income Tax). The rates for taxes may vary from province to province. Check this out .


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