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Why Meezan Bank debit card is best for online shopping

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, June 12, 2018
With the growing trends of online shopping in Pakistan, more and more people are looking to make the most of this amazing tool, but to do it seamlessly and without any hassle, you need a debit card that comes with functionalities that every regular Internet users is comfortable with.

Meezan Bank is the best debit card for online shopping

In this post, I am going to walk you through why Meezan Bank is better than all the other banks when it comes to ease of online shopping. So, I will stick to two of the most powerful features and benefits, the ones that I didn't find in other bank's debit card in recent weeks. 

1. You don't need activation from bank 

Unlike other banks, you don't even need to make a call to the bank representative to activate the card for online purchases. 

The best thing about Meezan Debit card is that you don't have to phone the bank to allow you to use the card for online purchases. This one feature will win you over for sure as most of other banks' debit card will require you to get permission from bank to activate it and use it for shopping for certain number of days -- too hectic and slow. 

My experience with Meezan vs ABL and MCB

I have used debit cards from two of the most credible banks of Pakistan - Allied Bank and MCB, and the biggest limitation I came to know about them is that you have to call the bank to make a request to use the card for online buying, and that too for a certain period of days. This is hectic as you have to keep calling the banks again to reactivate your E-commerce buying session. Check out here at ABL site and see for yourself. 

But with Meezan Bank debit card as mentioned earlier, you don't need to talk to the representative every single time for activation - just type in the card number (wherever you see a Visa or Masters sign), buy stuff at your desired website and you are good to go ! Isn't it amazing? 

2. All major and small online platforms accept it

Trusted international websites, shopping portals and e-commerce businesses accept it, just like a credit card. A sigh of relief for purchasers like me who has to do online buying on a regular basis.

For Facebook ads and buying likes

I have tried using ABL and MCB debits cards at big online platforms like Facebook and Fiverr, and got disappointed when I was not permitted to continue with the payment process. But Meezan Bank will not let you down as you can effortlessly use it like a credit card. Try it yourself and let me know in the comment section.

I have used it on Facebook to buy likes for many pages plus paid for a couple of services at Fiverr. It worked fine and seamlessly. 

I am sure these two features mentioned above are enough to make you go for Meezan Bank Visa or Master. Please check out the bank's official website | Meezan Debit for Online Shopping

Let me know which banks' cards have you been using and how your overall experience has been? Leave your comments. 


This article was written back in the mid 2018 and the writer's experiment with ABL and MCB debit cards occurred even before 2018. So, make sure to check with these banks to be sure whether they have made changes to their debit card functions for online buying. Thanks. 


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