Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wazifa for getting pregnant

Here is a powerful wazifa to get pregnant. If you or anyone you know is trying to get pregnant but have not been able to see positive results, it is time to leave everything and fully rely on Allah. 

This wazifa can be a miracle for you, if you set your heart on it and apply it with full belief in Allah and His powers, mercy and love. This miraculous wazifa is based on thankfulness (shukr). 

Method of wazifa:

1) Sit in a comfortable place (alone)
2) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as thanks
3) Recite the below mentioned dua 40 times
Best wazifa to get pregnant fast and easy
Step 4) Imagination and thanks: After reciting this dua for 40 times, now close your eyes and imagine that Allah has made you pregnant. See in your imagination that Allah has answered your wazifa. See your spouse and family members (mother or sister for example) expressing their happiness for your pregnancy. Now, in your imagination, start thanking Allah for the pregnancy. Feel the happiness and appreciation for Allah. 

This wazifa works one hundred percent of the time, if done according to the steps and instructions mentioned above. 

Why is this wazifa so powerful?
This wazifa is based on thankfulness and appreciation of Allah. Allah loves His appreciation and we thank Him for anything in advance, He fulfills that wish. Thankfulness is all about doing qadr (importance) of Allah. Unfortunately, many of us Muslims don't know the power of thankfulness and miss out on blessings due to lack of awareness and laziness. 

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