Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dua-prayer for easy and safe delivery of baby

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 31, 2018
During pregnancy every woman wants to be sure that her delivery goes easy, safe and successful -- and it makes sense to be concerned about a painless process both for the mother and the baby. 

Islam has taught us duas/prayers for every problem and every occasion. If you are too much worried about your impending delivery, stop letting the doubts and fears enter your head as this dua is your refuge.

dua for easy and safe delivery
Dua and prayer for easy, safe and successful delivery for a baby
To make the most of this dua, you must literally practice it. Practising it means that you have fully understood the meanings, and you know why Allah should be called upon for help here. Since every single act of creation (delivery too is an act of creation from Allah) is the domain of the Lord and only He knows how to make things go right. 

You are afraid - It is completely ok to be afraid

Being afraid is not unusual as you may have been told dozens of stories of women going through unbearable pain or other complexities in the delivery process. Fear is just in your head as there are thousands of women out there who experience painless and easy delivery process and these are women too, like you. 

Accept that you are afraid and be thankful that you are now turning to Allah to remove these doubts and fears. Constantly repeat this question in your head: "Who is bigger, delivery pain or Allah?" 

Thank Allah in advance for painless & easy delivery

How much grateful will you be to Allah if He makes the delivery process successful and painless?

Here's a secret ! If you can let Allah know in advance that you will be extremely grateful to Him if He makes the baby delivery operation easy and safe, then He will definitely make it successful and easy ! Try it for yourself and let me know. 

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So how to let Him know that I will be extremely thankful to Him?

By imagining that your delivery day has gone and you did not feel any pain and the entire process went successful and then feel thankfulness for Allah in your imagination. Keep repeating this film in your imagination every day. Take the time out, sit in a quite place, close your eyes, start the film/scenes in your imagination and see yourself thanking Allah in a big way. This method is a miracle and you will be shocked to see how much Allah loves his praise and appreciation. 


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