Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dua-prayer for conceiving a baby

Here is a very beautiful dua for conceiving a baby and for the would-be mothers who have been trying to get pregnant but having no results despite all the medical help. This dua is based on a Quran verse and it was supplicated by Prophet Zakaria Peace Be Upon Him when he asked Allah for his inheritor (a son).

Being Muslim, our first and final reliance should be on Allah. Even if you conceive a baby through medial assistance, that too is a form of help from Allah and we must acknowledge it by giving all the credit to the Lord. I am not suggesting that you do not seek medical help, but thanking Allah for His favours is the biggest thing that you can do. 

Dua/prayer for conceiving a baby in Islam from Quran verses

Transliteration: Rabbi La tazarni wa-anta khairul wariseen

How to recite this dua?
After every salah, recite this dua (keeping in mind its meaning). 

Secret to getting your dua answered ! 
It is an open secret and like a miracle ! Thank Allah in advance for your baby (or for any desire), and Allah will fulfill your wish out of His love and mercy. You will be surprised to see how much Allah loves His praise and appreciation. It is all about praise, acknowledgment and thanks. Most of us don't care about Allah and His workings and favours as we act like selfish kids who is only interested in his/her own happiness. That is why thankfulness always works like a miracle. Now apply this miracle and be thankful to Allah !

How to thank Allah in advance for a baby that is not born yet?
You may be wondering why thank Allah for a baby that is not born yet and it just doesn't make sense at all. But it is an open secret (not many Muslims know it though it is mentioned in Quran in a verse). Read the method below:

Miracle Prayer Method
1. Sit in a quite room
2. Close your eyes and relax
3. Imagine and just assume that you are in future (fast forward nine months pregnancy). Now in your imagination, see that Allah has answered your prayer/dua. You are now holding your baby in your hands. Imagine your relatives congratulating you. Imagine their voices and smiles on faces Imagine the feelings of thankfulness and shift your focus from the newborn baby to Allah. In your imagination, start thanking Allah for this huge favour intensely. 

Note: Spend about three to five minutes on each prayer/dua session and continue this for 21 days straight. You will be surprised with a miracle Inshallah. 

To get anything in life, and also in the case of conceiving a baby for instance, one must have 100 percent belief in Allah. If you are praying and asking Allah for your wish halfheartedly with no passion, then such duas are not answered. Allah wants us to have full trust in Him and His abilities. 

It is usually our lack of faith in Allah that blocks blessings from coming our way. 

Recite this dua with all your heart and on a consistent basis
The first and the most important rule for any dua to be answered is, as mentioned earlier, strong belief. To have strong belief, you must recite this dua as often as you can. 

Share your thoughts and your own experience and how well you did with this dua (prayer)

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