Saturday, April 21, 2018

How to get close to Allah?

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, April 21, 2018
How do I get closer to Allah? What is the easiest way to do it?

There are many ways to get close to Allah and build a stronger relationship.

1. Make sincere dua 
Making a sincere dua to get close to Allah on a regular basis is the first step as Allah wants us to use our own free will to let Him know we really mean it and we are serious about getting close to Allah. Allah has no difficulty bringing us closer to Him, but usually it is our lack of interest in Allah that He does not open the doors to us. Allah wants to see how passionate we are for Him. If the desire to get close to Allah does not become our primary goal and part of regular duas, it sends a negative signal to Allah that we take Him for granted. So, make sincere dua to Allah that He show you a way to get closer and closer to Him each day.

2. Offer nafl prayers as often as you can
Nalf prayers (salah) are another authentic way to get close to Allah. An authentic hadith mentions that nafl salah is a way to get close to Allah. Since fard salah is obligatory and cannot be skipped, many Muslims have to offer it out of fear of Allah - not out of love.  If you offer nafl prayer (tahajjud for instance) on a regular basis or at you own convenience, it is a sure sign that your relationship with Allah is not just based on fear, it is also based on love and thankfulness.

3. Gratitude/Shukr 
Gratitude (shukr) is mentioned in Quran in many verses. Gratitude is the quickest and shortest way to building a growing relationship with Allah as it is based on acknowledment, praise and appreciation. Thank Allah for life, His mercy, Islam, Quran, hidayah, your worldly blessings like health, wealth and relationship with family and friends.

4. Repentance/Astaghfar
Repent for your mistakes, sins and negligence as often as you can. No matter how clean our life can apparently seem, we never stop making mistakes. We are humans and are driven by egoic desires. We make the mistake of not thanking Allah for unlimited blessings and favours He is doing us all the time. Not thanking Allah and acknowledging Him for His favours itself is negligence and mistake. 

5. Recite Quran and understand the verses
When you recite Quran, don't just stick to verbal recitation. You must ponder over the verses and try to dig deep into what they mean. Ask scholars, read tafaseer and discuss subjects mentioned in Quran. To get yourself started, learn what Surah Fatiha is all about.


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