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Recite this dua after waking up in the morning as thanks

  Sehrish Khan       Friday, April 27, 2018
Allah and Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him has taught us duas on every occasion and the primary goal of Islam and Quran is to make us a person who has surrendered to Allah in every instance. 

This dua is easy to read and memorize with Arabic text, transliteration to pronounce it easily and the English translation for digging deeper into what it's all about and why we should make it part of every single morning.

Arabic Text

Dua after waking up in morning
Dua after waking up in morning (dua after sleep)


Alhamdulillahillazi ahyaana ba'da ma amatana wa-ilaihin-nushoor"

English Translation

All praise is to Allah who brought us to life after giving us death and to Him is the final return

How to recite

There is no hard and fast rule for reciting as long as we are are gaining the benefits this beautiful supplication offers to us. The best way to gain the most out of it is to first understand the meaning and feel sincere and deep thankfulness towards Allah for giving us one more chance in life. 

Maybe you are not good at Arabic pronunciation and this may irritate you, leaving with the feeling that you are not making an effort in dua-making. There's no need to feel ashamed of not being able to pronounce the Arabic text properly. As long as you understand the meaning with full faith and can feel that Allah has done you another big favour by not taking your life during night's sleep, you are going in the right direction. With that in mind and everyday practice, you will gradually learn to recite it properly.  

When to recite the dua

This dua should be recited after you have had a night's sleep (often recited in the morning), but you can also recite it whenever you wake up after taking a rest (maybe a power nap in the afternoon, or after a brief slumber at workplace or anywhere).

Benefits and Advantages

The biggest benefit and blessing this supplication gives us is "the miracle of thankfulness (shukr)." Thankfulness or gratitude is the highest form of prayer and when we appreciate Allah for His favors upon us, we actually attract more of what we are thankful for. 

In the Quran, Allah has taught us the importance of thankfulness by mentioning it in several verses. 

"If you are thankful, I will surely increase you" Surah Ibrahim 14:7 
Here are some of the key advantages we will start seeing when we make this part of our life and practice it with full sincerity. 

  • Pleasure of Allah is gained as thankfulness pleases Allah the most. Satan's biggest task is to stop us from thanking God. 
  • Barakah and peace in life
  • Increased satisfaction in everything we do
  • Happiness
  • Self esteem, self-worth and self-confidence is strengthened because when we appreciate God, He appreciates us back with even more love, care and generosity (let's not forget that one of Allah's names is Shukur, which means The Appreciative) 
  • Barakah in wealth, money and resources
  • Protection from diseases and physical problems. Remember the law of thankfulness. Whatever we are thankful for, Allah increases that in our life. So when we appreciate God for life and our entire self, He will make sure your life gets better and better and get protection from harm in the form of diseases, physical ailments and life-threatening accidents.
  • Interest in life will increase


Thanks for reading Recite this dua after waking up in the morning as thanks

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