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Easy-Read Surah Ikhlas online Arabic | English

  Pakrush Admin       Sunday, February 6, 2022

Here is an easy-to-read Arabic text for Surah Ikhlas, along with English translation and transliteration. To help you pronounce easily and learn the Surah quickly, a video has also been added.



English Translation

112:1) "Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One

112:2) Allah, the Eternal Refuge

112:3) He neither begets nor is born, 

112:4) And there is none comparable to Him

"Qul Hu-Allahu Ahad
Lamm Yalid Walam Yulad
Walam Yakul-Lahu Kufu-wann Ahad"


Unbelievable Status of Surah Ikhlas

Prophet (SAW) had special love for Surah ikhlas. You will fall in love with this Surah and will want to learn it, memorise it, gain deeper understanding into it so that it can unlock its countless blessings upon you InshaAllah.


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Thanks for reading Easy-Read Surah Ikhlas online Arabic | English

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