Monday, April 24, 2017

English transliteration of Surah Al Ikhlas

Here is a very simple to read English transliteration of Surah Ikhlas 


"Qul Hu-Allahu Ahad
Lamm Yalid Walam Yulad
Walam Yakul-Lahu Kufu-wann Ahad"

This transliteration is an attempt to help you pronounce Surah Iklhas verses as they are originally pronounced as you know transliteration is intended only to give you an idea of how words are recited in their original sense using the simplest possible English word structure.  

If you think this transliteration needs to be improved further, please let me know as I will be updating it to make it even easier-to-understand for non-Arabic speakers and beginners seeking to learn Quran Arabic. 

Surah Ikhlas is one of the most recited Surahs of Quran and almost every Muslim has to recite it in one form or another. If you are learning how to offer salah/prayer, then it is highly recommended to learn to pronounce Surah Ikhlas properly as it is one of the shortest Surahs of Quran as well and it focuses on the most fundamental message of Islam, that is, Tauheed (Oneness of Allah/Creator/God).

Please use this transliteration and share it to those struggling to learn Quran text. 

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