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Auzubillahi Minashaitan Nirajeem: Meaning, benefits, Arabic

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The meaning is "I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Shaitan" while it is also called al-isti’adha الاستعاذة or  tawwuz. 

Whenever you intend to recite Quran, first recite these words. Also when you are feeling angry, frustrated or having negative thoughts, saying these powerful words repeatedly will get you in God's shelter.

In Arabic text

auzubillahi minash shaitan nirajeem in Arabic

Who is Shaitan

The term Shaytan refers to a creation known as Iblees.  He is described as (ar-rajeem)'rejected,' i.e. the one rejected and outcast by Allah and far from His mercy and all that is good.  


Why is it so important to say it 

Shaytan is human's enemy that is way cleverer than us  and has power to manipulate us. Shaitan is undetectable as it cannot be seen physically (with eyes), and has the ability to instigate us from within.
The feelings of jealousy, sadness, fear, anger are all tactics that Shaitan uses to trap humans. It sometimes traps humans through good deeds as well. For instance, a good deed can be turned into a showoff if we are not aware of Shaitan and the importance of seeking God's protection against it.
Unless we have Allah, the All-powerful, by our side, we cannot stay protected from Satan's moves and whispering. 

Power of saying it

Since every created thing is under Allah's powerful control, Shaitan is also under His command. Shaitan may outsmart us, but it cannot overpower Allah Who has created it. Allah is aware of all things hidden and visible, even Shaytan's schemes. When we seek God's refuge by saying these words, Shaitan's advances and moves are thwarted.

Feeling bad? Listen to it a 100 times and your mind will relax


When to say it

According to Hadiths and also based on how much importance Islamic text gives it, tawwuz should be recited:
  • Before reciting the Quran (a portion of Quran) 
  • When you are angry
  • When having negative thoughts

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