Sunday, May 30, 2021

Do We Require Allah's Permission For All Actions?

  Anonymous       Sunday, May 30, 2021

 Allah has granted Man relative freedom of choice to be accountable for, but man cannot do anything without the permission of God. Allah says: {And you will not unless (it be) that Allah wills it.} Then how can Man be held responsible for what he does? If we agree that Allah is the one who created the accountable creatures and their abilities and gave them all the gifts, including the faculty of reason, guidance, and freedom of choice, then we should agree that Allah could take any of these back at any moment. 

However, if He lets His creatures use them, and they misuse them, they are held responsible for that. To remove the confusion more, let us look at this analogy. Assume you have a child who can comprehend instruction (reasoning faculty). You put before him a dish of food and a toy that has germs.

You explained to him that the food is good for his health and the toy is harmful (guidance). Then you gave him freedom to make his own choice i.e. (relative free will). The whole situation is still under your control because you can interfere at any moment to force him to act against his will. However, if he chooses the toy and becomes sick, he is to be blamed, for this is the price of freedom of choice that we all chant about, fight and live for. 

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