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How to Live Better, Stronger and Longer

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You need to keep in mind that success achieved in the world does not necessarily mean that it will be translated into healthier living. There are several renowned individuals out there who struggle with their personal goals of keeping in shape, losing weight, and leading a healthy life. You can use the same business strategies like those used for achieving professional success to lead a healthy life as well. Here are some secrets for leading a long and healthy life.

1. The way you think is everything

You need to stay positive all the time. Think about success and not failure. For instance, if you encounter a day when the schedule was so hectic that it was not possible to get exercise try not to keep this failure in mind and concentrate on having a great day next up. You need to get hold of your thoughts rather than getting overwhelmed by adopting new living patterns. For getting the exercise you may wish to develop a shorter and more straightforward workout routine that can be used even on busy days. Keep away from the all or nothing approach. It is okay to have a 20-minute activity rather than having none at all. You need to believe that you can do what is required as a healthy attitude makes a positive impact on the body.

2. Determine your real dreams and goals

It is a good idea to write down your goals and create a plan for achieving them. If you never experiment with this you are in for a surprise. List your health goals such as achieving the weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and exercise levels. Take a printout of the copies and paste them on your frequently visited places such as your workstation, refrigerator, and bathroom mirror. Review these goals many times daily and read them out to yourself. After a few days, they will turn into a powerful urge and keep in mind that nothing tastes as good as a success.

3. Take action on your plans

Goals mean nothing without action taken on them. Do not waste time or feel afraid to get started immediately. Decide the most significant steps for reaching your target then go for them one at a time. For instance, if step one is ensuring that you consume a bowl of hot cereal along with fresh fruit in the morning, be sure to get the first step into motion before going to step 2. It is a lot easier to stick to the weight-loss goals if you can start your day with a breakfast that keeps you fueled till afternoon and sticks to the ribs.

4. Don’t give up learning

How to live better, stronger and longer

Read a lot about health-related topics and try to attend health-related seminars and expos. Improve your skills by attending real-world living workshops or by attending cooking classes. While being on a tour through the aisles in the grocery store, check for the new exciting and healthy products that appear on the shelves. You can pick vegetables and fruits from the farmer's markets and ask the vendor while doing it for preparation tips. If your exercise routine is in a rut try using another kind of exercise such as biking. If you’re suffering from a chronic disease, such as hypertension, CHD, or diabetes, or you’re a senior of age, you can use a bike with a motor kit, that is pedal-assisted and does not put a strain on your body.

5. Work hard and be persistent

Always remember that success is like a marathon and not a sprint. You should never give up because there will be setbacks and difficult times. Similar to the fact that you can’t throw away your career because you had a bad day you should not give up on a healthy lifestyle if the goings get tough. These setbacks are building blocks for your success. They do not equate to failure as they only indicate that you are human. Get back in the saddle and remind yourself of the success you have achieved so far.


Always keep in mind that your health is your responsibility. Take initiative and do not wait for a magic pill to come along. The biggest secret to good health and living longer is that there is no secret. Just a lot of exercise, a proper diet, and a positive healthy attitude is the trick. There is no other better return on your investment as good health is your greatest wealth.


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