Monday, July 23, 2018

What happens when you practise gratitude

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, July 23, 2018

Gratitude enables you to attract more of the things that you are presently thankful for. Our mind is hardwired to pay attention to the past and future, which keeps us in agony and waiting for good times to come. That is why, most people spend their whole life waiting for good times to come as they have trained their mind to always stay stuck in future or the past that has nothing to do with your present reality.

What happens when you start practising gratitude:
1) You look at reality and your situation more realistically and with open mind
2) You start accepting your situation and reality, not matter how bad it may seem at the moment
3) You become aware that worse could have happened as worse things happen to people all the time (anything can go wrong anytime, and if it is not going wrong, then we must feel thankful for this relief)
3) You realise that you are not entitled to gifts, comfort and happiness as nature is generously showering its gifts on you (air, water, Earth and its gravity, your heart and mind, blood, the ability to walk talk and move) - you created none of these things
4) You realise that you are not the creator. If you were the creator, then you would have stopped all the unwanted things from your life. 
5) You realise that you are gifted by something more powerful, bigger and more generous than you or your little self 
6) You stop taking things for granted and start valuing them before they disappear from your life
7) You realise that appreciation and acknowledging the favours done by Creator/God/Nature/Source/Benefactor is bigger than merely feeling happy for the benefits. You become selfless and more appreciative.
8) You stop complaining (because deep inside you realize things could be much worse anytime so why be a whiny selfish soul?)
8) You start appreciating little things 
9) You start appreciating people and their support 
10) You forgive people and don't let hard feelings enter your heart
11) You become more creative and less competitive 


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