Friday, July 20, 2018

Why is it so easy to be thankless for present moment and gifts

Religions, at the outset, have talked about being grateful to God's favors, blessings and present reality as it makes sense for the Creator to throw us both wanted and unwanted events in life. Gratitude is hieghest form of surrender to God's will. Our minds are hardwired not to be grateful  and that is why we habitually fixate our attention on either future or the past, but hardly on the present and its beauty/gifts presently available to us. 
Why is it easy to be thankless but hard to be grateful for present moment

Accepting present moment is the key concept in all religions. Islam, for example, stresses the importance of accepting destiny (qadr) with all our hearts and be thankful at all times. Gratitude, patience, forgiveness, dwelling on life and its realities are actually tools to keep us in present moment and stay in harmony with God, the Creator of everything.

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