Wednesday, July 18, 2018

List of things to repent to God for

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Here is a list of things we should repent to God for. Build an attitude of repentance as it enables us to surrender our ego and allows God and His mercy to flow through us. 

Repentance is a form of prayer that not only cleans our soul and attracts God's mercy, it also brings us more peace, joy, wealth, rain, resources and true fulfilment. People are using techniques like the law of attraction and other self-help methods to end their worldly miseries, but with little or no success. Start repenting for your mistakes, lack, negligence, laziness, ungratefulness, and you will start creating miracles in every area of your life. 
Repentance prayer: List of things to repent to God for
I am sorry......:

* For being thankless and ungrateful for You and Your favors

* For not repenting enough

* For wasting time

* For not repenting enough for my mistakes and errors 

* For being rude and arrogant 

* For being a doubter 
Doubt indicates that we are relying on something that has no power to solve our problem instead of relying on God that overpowers everything, the Self-subsisting and eternal.  

* For being impatient 
Impatience sends a negative signal to the Creator that we don't fully trust God and His capabilities. We pretend to rely on God, but in reality we love to rely on created things (self, ego, material means, etc), which is why it is hard to stay patient.

* For being jealous of those better than me 

* For coveting others people's wealth, health and relationships

* For not relying on You and Your capabilities

* For not gaining knowledge about You and Your might, power and intelligence 

* For being negligent and forgetful

* For sinning over and over again 

* For having a sense of pride despite there are clear warnings for those indulging in arrogance and pride. Power and might is also for You (The Almighty)

* For being angry at people and taking out frustration on others

* For abusing people verbally and mentally 

* For not loving my relatives as I love myself

* For not paying attention to Your commands and guidance

* For prying into other peoples' affairs when in reality You (the Almighty) have clearly instructed me not to do it in the glorious Quran


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