Monday, July 16, 2018

How to thank God for His mercy

Do you want to get a little taste of God's mercy right now? Imagine for a few seconds that the Earth has lost its gravity and stopped rotating for a second: This----is---what----will----happen: Listen to this video and then get back to reading:

Another little idea of how much merciful God is: Imagine the Earth losing oxygen for even five seconds. God is merciful enough not to let these disasters happen. Watch the video 

Thank the Lord for His mercy all the time and your life will start changing for the best
Gratitude tips: How to thank God for His mercy

The law of gratitude tells us that if we don't acknowledge or don't give due credit for a blessing or favour, that favour/blessing is gradually taken away from us. Why is that blessing taken away or starts slipping away from our life when we don't appreciate or give due credit to the source? It gets taken away simply because we tend to ignore, devalue, or even degrade the benefactor (Lord/God/Allah/Creator) who brings that blessing/benefit to us. Logical enough. 

Lord's mercy is the most valued blessing that only an ignorant will ignore

Lord's mercy should be given due credit and acknowledgement (though it can never be given due credit due to it's limitless reality but we humans are supposed to give it our best try)

Why should you be thankful to God for His mercy?

* It is Lord's mercy that is keeping existence alive and active. 

* It is Lord's mercy that is pumping oxygen through our lungs and maintaining our heartbeat and blood pressure without our being aware of it. 

* There is peace, security and protection in our country thanks entirely to Lord's mercy (Imagine life without protection, peace and security for a minute)

* We are given food on a regular basis. Without it, we would starve to death in a day or two

* We are given second chances all the time to correct our mistakes and wrongdoing. If God took away His mercy, we would not be given a second chance and would taste punishment for our mistakes immediately and face losses in every area of life. 

* I am employed and earning money thanks entirely to God's mercy

* There would be no family structure or family support for us if the Creator of everything took away His mercy. 

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