Saturday, March 10, 2018

Why is it hard to be grateful sometimes or most of the times?

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, March 10, 2018
Being in the state of gratitude all the time is almost impossible, but it does not mean that you should not work on digging deeper deeper into your gratitude practice. Gratitude is not about forcing God/universe to give you the feeling/things you want, but it is all about making a positive assessment of the situation/circumstance, accepting it and coming to the logical conclusion that you are not entitled to anything (not even the presence of oxygen in the air you are breathing right now).

1. Ignorance of physical realities and laws
* Ignorance of how physical reality operates or functions 
Can you be thankful for something that you truly believe is the result of your own effort/hard-work? Scientifically or technically, every single act of creation is beyond your knowledge and mental capability. If the Earth's gravity is suspended, your life will come to an end there and then. Did you create the Earth and its gravity? If your brain cells stop working the way they are working right now, you will stop living right away. Are you the creator of your brain cells or are you in charge of managing tiny little cells in every area of your body and pumping blood through your veins? If no, then who is in charge here? If you have trouble calling this source of every single act the God, call it something else, but one thing is for sure, you cannot call yourself the creator. Just because you feel you are doing things like walking, talking, breathing, and sleeping, does not mean that you are the actual creator or doer of things (sleeping, walking, making money, having relationships). We have already proved earlier that why scientifically everything is the result of the workings  of an intelligent and all-powerful Creator. Every single act of creation (like walking, breathing, Earth gravity, working at office) is a multitude of countless complex physical, chemical and biological (and spiritual too) processes, so we logically come to the conclusion that even the simplest act of creation (like seeing with your eyes) requires infinite intelligence. Do you think that you have infinite intelligence? If so, then why don't you act like God and why you are depended on air, blood, Earth gravity, parents who gave you birth, the Sun, water etc?  
This is the first and the most fundamental step towards your gratitude journey. As long as you are ignorant of how things (you, yourself, your mind, the Earth, the air you breathe, unlimited number of cells in your body) are functioning, you cannot consider your entire life and everything happening to you as a gift because why feel gratitude and humble when you know you are the creator (you have free will, but free will too is a gift given by the Source of Life/God, not the result of your own efforts, is it? if so, then prove it logically and scientifically). 

2. Ego

* Your Ego fools you into thinking you are entitled to life and to receive the good in life.
* When you understand physical reality around you (as mentioned above) and believe that nothing is happening by your will and you are not entitled to receive anything (not even the air to breathe), you logically start feeling grateful for things happening in your life because you now treat them as gifts, not earned things that you have collected with your power. You are nothing but a powerless creature who didn't even have a say in your own birth, let alone controlling complex workings of your physical structure or things happening in your life. 
Your ego tells you or gives you the false impression that you deserve the things you are receiving. The illusion of entitlement and deservedness makes you ungrateful, controlling, impatient and even frustrated when things don't go your way. 
Imagine a powerful Earthquake stopping you from going to your office as you are trapped inside your house, now your ego will disappear for a while and you will kind of surrender to the Earthquake. But as soon as life comes back to normalcy, your ego will rear its ugly head and you will regain the same self-confidence again, having the false impression that there is no All-Powerful Force working behind everything in the universe. This is how our ego works. Recall it: Your ego has been designed to trick you into believing that there is no intelligent Force who is the real controller of things. Your illusion of controlling your own life shatters only when you face a situation that is beyond your capability or control (imagine a 50-foot wave raging toward you to take your life. Now, your self-confidence or ego will collapse completely and you will surrender to anything/any force that can assist you in getting out of that life-threatening situation).

3. Not being in the present moment

Thinking of a desire that is beyond your capability right now
When you are caught up in unnecessary desires and achieving multiple goals that typically take time to manifest and require attention and patience, you start losing touch with reality and this is when you are not in the present moment as your mind is now acting like a monkey jumping around changing trees (as your mind is bombarded with unnecessary thoughts that have no use in reality).   
How to get back in the present moment? Stop focusing on desire for the time being and start feeling gratitude for present, and you will see your mind gradually regaining its control over reality. Try it. This can be done by focusing on what is working smoothly in life right now, instead of thinking about goals/desires that are not in harmony with your vibrations. 
Your unnecessary focus on desire means that you are not realistic with the reality and are only clinging to a thought that has not manifested in physical reality yet. This eventually causes you to feel ungrateful.  


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