Monday, March 5, 2018

Gratitude tips: Why do negative feelings happen?

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, March 5, 2018

Question: Sometimes, it is hard to do my gratitude practice and there is nothing I can do to create the right feelings 

Answer: You have begun your gratitude journey and you must be seeing results, which is encouraging and rewarding. However, there are times when you don't feel one hundred percent and your mind is playing games, preventing you from feeling grateful for the things you are blessed with.

Negative feelings aren't bad - Be grateful for them too and you will be surprised ! 

Negative feelings don't happen randomly - they happen for a reason. However, you must learn to accept negative feelings and treat them as just illusions. Acceptance of your negative feelings mean that you are not ignoring them and you are accepting that you can be overcome by anything in this universe. At first, accepting may seem like a weakness to you as you will not be relying on your self-confidence. But you must realise that your self/ego/confidence/alertness has already been hijacked by that negative spell. So what's the point of relying on something that could not even foresee an impending negative spell raging toward you. You must now rely on bigger thoughts - the thoughts of the Creator (or universe or whatever you believe in).

You think that you are entitled to have everything your way

Your ego or self (confidence) loves to overrate itself and gives you the false impression that it is the Creator or doer. Just because you can walk, talk and see without any effort, everything will happen smoothly in your world. This is a bitter fact. You are not entitled. There are things in life that are beyond you. 

You think you deserved not to feel bad or negative. The entitlement happens due to lack of knowledge about your limited self and ignorance of a bigger force controlling things in the universe. 

Your mind is fixated on past/future and desires. Forget focusing on your desire 

You ego will keep forcing you to come up with so many solutions to get out of that brief spell of negative feelings, but your best bet is to totally accept this situation as it has been imposed on you now. Getting out of this situation will take accepting it as it is and then you will notice calmness slowly retaking its control - that is when you push aside negative feelings.

Think of God/Universe or anything you place your trust in

Give up on your self and your limited self-confidence as it is now doing nothing to get you out of that negative spell, is it? Try thinking of God's power, might and mercy. Keep asking this question to yourself: Who is bigger? God or this problem? Your logical answer will be "God". Keep asking this question over and over and you will be surprised how God loves His mention and praise. Your negative feelings will quickly subside. By doing this little exerice you will also notice that how your ego loves to underrate God and overrate itself. While the truth is, your ego, self-confidence will only surrender when things are out of its hands. You will keep associating victories and wins to ego, but the moment disasters and out-of-control events happen, your ego will start running away, but will still want you not to look to a superior power - God - because it doesn't want to lose its control. 


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