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Powerful dua for good health

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, March 7, 2018
This dua is from Hadith and can be recited for any health-related goals like asking Allah for good health and a disease-free life, a disease - be it a life-threatening or a minor one - and all kinds of physical problems.
dua for good health
Dua for health from authentic hadith

Arabic text with English and Urdu translation


Azhibil ba'sa rabban-naasi washfi antash-shaafi laa shifaa-a illa shifaa-uka shifaa-an laa yughaadiru saqama.

Listen to the dua in this video

* Note: You can recite it both ways, mentioned in this post and the one in the video below as it starts with words "O Allah, the Lord of the people !" - so both are acceptable and you can recite at your own convenience.

Supercharge this health dua with thankfulness and gratitude 

Allah loves His appreciation and praise. When we start thanking Allah for His blessings, He increases our blessings even more. As for health, start thanking Allah for your entire life, the air you breath, for eyes, for legs and hands and all the cells in your body. When you walk or drive past a hospital, feel thankfulness for Allah as He saved you and didn't put You in hospital. We are not entitled to good health. So, if we are protected from serious illness and life-threatening issues such as cancer, the Lord deserves thanks for this. 

If dua or prayer alone can treat, why seek medical help?

Making dua does not mean that we should reject, ignore and devalue the blessings, benefits, and favours God is already showering upon us. Since medical help, doctors and medicine too are creation of Allah, you must make the most of the available treatment (a favour from Allah) in every possible way. 

Consider every single act of creation (doctors and their efforts) part of God's domain and thank Him for every single tool like medical equipment, electricity that runs machines at hospitals, and other material blessings that are used as a tool by Allah to cure you. 

Thanking Allah for the availability of doctors and medical assistance

There are times when your faith isn't as strong as it should be, so relying on physical means (medicines, hospitals, health advice and material) as part of help from Allah is equally appreciable as reciting verses or praying to God to heal you or anyone.

As this prayer is comprehensive and covers unlimited aspects of having good health, which is a recipe for happy life, you can recite it for problems and cure covering these areas as well. But remember, the list of benefits this dua brings is never-ending.  

For Long Life

Long and healthy life is something every human wishes for. Not just materially,  good health is needed when it comes to spiritual front. Can you offer prayer with full concentration on Allah if you cannot even find strength in your body? Long life is the same thing. This dua will keep you protected form ills and evils that pose a threat to our physical life. 

For family

In addition to your own self, you should be concerned with the health of your family members. This dua can be recited for your parents, children and relatives if they are dealing with any kind health issues. The best way to do it is to teach them this supplication so that they can become responsible and can cure themselves Inshallah.  

Unborn child and growing fetus

Satan and devils who operate through evil eye, jealousy sometimes create troubles for the child that has yet to be born into this physical world also needs prayers and protection. Many parents take extra care when it comes to the protection and proper growth of their unborn child and growing fetus. So, this dua is the best weapon for building a protective shield. 

This supplication can be recited in multiple forms as there's no hard and fast rule as long as you have strong faith in Allah, His powers and His mercy. You can recite it like a wazifa or ruqya (popular in Sub-continent) where you keep reciting the dua for a certain number of times and then blow on the area where protection is needed. In this case you can recite it for, say at least 100 times, and blow on stomach of the mother. 

Sick Child

If your or someone else's child has fallen sick, you can use this dua to heal them. Since your child is not able to recite it himself or herself, you can do it by following a number of methods. 

One of the easiest methods include reciting it at least three times and blow on a glass of water, medicine or in food and give it to the sick child. The other method is to recite it 3 times and blow on child from head to toe. 


Although not directly related to well-being in general as this is a broad subject covering aspects other than just perfect physical health, the above mentioned supplication from Quran can create wonders when it comes to happiness, peace and comfortable life. When we are physically fit and protected from diseases or weaknesses, we take interest in life and our performance gets better, which in turn creates desired results bringing more joy and fulfilment. 

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  1. Alhamdulillah..I ask permission to share the duaa with our fellow beloved Muslims.. jazaakaLLAH khair


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