Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dua for health

This dua for health is from Hadith and can be recited for any health-related goals like asking Allah for good health and a healthy life, a disease - be it a life-threatening or a minor one - and all kinds of physical health issues.

Transliteration: Azhibil ba'sa rabban-naasi washfi antash-shaafi laa shifaa-a illa shifaa-uka shifaa-an laa yughaadiru saqama.

Supercharge your dua with thankfulness and gratitude: Allah loves His appreciation and praise. When we start thanking Allah for His blessings, He increases our blessings even more. As for health, start thanking Allah for your entire life, the air you breath, for eyes, for legs and hands and all the cells in your body. When you walk or drive past a hospital, feel thankfulness for Allah as He saved you and didn't put You in hospital. In order to assess Allah's blessing (such as your health), imagine for a minute being in hospital or even worse physical condition, just visualise the scenes of a possible worse physical condition and come back to reality, you will feel a rush of thankfulness quickly spreading through your entire being. 

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