Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to find out who has done black magic on you in Islam

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, May 2, 2017
This question keeps popping up in your mind if you suspect or genuinely have a black magic problem: How do I find out who's behind black magic spell cast on me?

I will, Inshallah, give you a more powerful tool to break the evil/negative energy coming from your attacker.

Some of the reasons why some people insist that you must find out your attacker:

  1. To create physical distance between you and him/her (because black magic attacker have to be close to you in order to keep a check on their magic progress). When you create distance form them, their negative energy (evil eye, jealousy-charged thoughts and even spells start to backfire and go back to them because now you are not in their close reach.
  2. To make special dua for them (a targeted dua can actually break black magic energies coming from that particular person).
  3. To end all contacts from them so that you can safely create a protective shield around you.
  4. To give thanks to Allah for letting you know about the person you have to stay away from (gratitude and thankfulness - shukr is very important as this is your most lethal tool to keep you safe and protected).

Instead of focusing on who's doing magic on you, try to focus on the removal of magic effect by turning to Allah.

Just think about it. What's more important? Finding out the person or solving your problem? Your main goal should be to safely get out of magic effects and start a happy life. 

Here's a powerful tool to destroy black magic of all kinds: Allahu-Samad Wazifa for black magic

Why you should not bother to find out who's doing black on you? The reason is: It will not help you break their spell, rather it might make you an attacker like your enemy which is even worse

I suggest you don't bother to find out who is doing black magic on you in the first place as it will only entangle you in a useless war. But even if you have somehow found out about the person, you might fall into the traps of Shaitan as he will make you want to create anger towards them. You might make it your big goal to defeat that person, which is worthless and even make you commit a number of sins (like jealousy, abuse of power against them, unnecessary anger,) and it can also derail you from your own goals and life. We have seen a lot people who were once victims and then they got to know their attacker only to become attacker themselves in the end. So, never ever try to be an attacker in any form as your own negative energies will trace back to you. 


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