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How to find out who has done black magic on you in Islam

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Black magic can be dangerous to both your mental and physical well-being and it is one of the reasons why people remain poor, unhealthy, mentally-ill and directionless in life. However, if you can find out the person behind your black magic problem, you can powerfully take back control of your self and rebuild your life by silently removing the influence of your enemy.  

It is a simple, yet powerful method that can bring the right information you are looking for. But here's a warning: Do not use this tool to do unlawful, sinful acts and become like the same person who you doubt is involved in destroying you through black magic. Understand that you are not like your enemy. But your main goal is to know the person and tactfully save your precious life. 
How to find who has done black magic on you
Simple steps on how to find out who has done black magic on you.


  • Step 1: Recite Durood e Ibraheemi 11 times
  • Step 2: Recite "Ya Zaahiru" 700 times
  • Step 3: Recite Durood e Ibraheemi 11 times again
Continue this for at least 11 days straight. Choose fajr or Asr time for the session. 

Why you need to find out the person?

You do not have to know the person if your problem is not severe and serious as normal cases of magic gets resolved with little efforts, but if things are worst in key areas of your life and there is no sign of improvement, you now have to deal with your hidden enemy with full attention and a will to change your life. 

Here are the reasons you have to know the person lurking to attack you from behind:
  1. To create physical distance between you and him/her (because black magic attackers have to be close to you in order to keep a check on their magic impact on you). When you create distance form them, their negative energy (evil eye, jealousy-charged thoughts and even spells start to backfire and go back to them because now you are not in their close reach.
  2. To make special dua for them (a targeted dua can actually break black magic energies coming from that particular person).
  3. To limit your interaction with them so that you can safely create a protective shield around you and avoid receiving negative vibrations.
  4. To give thanks to Allah for letting you know about the person you have to stay away from (gratitude and thankfulness - shukr is very important as this is your most lethal tool to keep you safe and protected).

What to do after the person has been exposed?

You cannot just end your black magic all of a sudden, even if you have found out the enemy because the real healing takes time, work and energy from your part. You have to be cautious, patient and fearful of Allah because following Quran guidance is the only and the safest way to your freedom from magic effects. 

Do these important things after you have got to know the hidden enemy:
  • Thank Allah sincerely: First off, thank God for highlighting the real person so that you can fully focus on the cause of your life problems. This is a huge blessing from Allah as there are many black magic victims who never get know the real reason for their troubles. You are lucky. 
  • Build spiritual shield (hisaar) around you: When you wake up in the morning, spend about 2 minutes creating a protective shield around you. You can do it by reciting protection duas recommended by Prophet Mohammad SAW. Once you have recited, blow on your hands and do the damm from your head to toe. Cover all the areas of your body by slowly moving your hands against the skin, clothes.  
  • Surah Falaq and Naas: Make these two Surahs part of your daily salah (prayer). After Surah Also, keep reciting the Surahs as often as you can. The more you recite, the quicker you will break the spell.
  • Do this wazifa to destroy magic (sihr): This Allahus Samad wazifa is your most lethal weapon. Use it

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Beware of the wrong use

Instead of focusing on the attacker you have come to know, try to focus on the removal of magic effect by turning to Allah.

Just think about it. What's more important? Finding out the person or solving your problem? Your main goal should be to safely get out of magic effects and start a life. The only reason your enemy has been exposed is that you should stay alert and avoid unwanted interactions. So it doesn't make sense to get involved in unnecessary confrontations, as you just have to silently work behind the scenes, pray hard to Allah and follow the tips mentioned above.

But many people who find out their attackers, end up becoming attackers themselves because they allow their mind to create the same revengeful thoughts. Revenge or expressing anger for your enemy will only trap you and deepen your blackmagic problem.
This is the reason why many scholars advise against trying to find out who has done black magic on you or your family members, because most of the people do not use this information according to what Allah instructs. Once they receive the information and get a clue about the person behind their problem, they react and lose temper and start becoming revengeful.
These scholars are right in their assertion that this revengeful behaviour only entangles you in a useless war with your enemy. Some people make it their biggest goal to defeat that person, which is worthless and even make them commit a number of sins like jealousy, abuse of power against them, unnecessary anger, and it can also derail them from their own goal, which is to cure the magic.
We have seen a lot people who were once victims and then they got to know their attacker only to become attacker themselves in the end. So, never ever try to be an attacker in any form as your own negative energies will trace back to you. 


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