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Powerful Ayat e Karima to destroy black magic

  Pakrush Admin       Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ayat e Karima is one of the Quran verses that are popular among many Muslims, especially in the Subcontinent. The verses can be used to effectively dispel black magic impact if done with consistency an faith. 

The method to destroy black magic of any kind is simple yet highly powerful. It is quick and far-reaching. All you have to do is show resilience and faith in Allah. 


1) Make wudu after you have offered your Isha salah (if already in wudu, then you don't need to make it)

2) Recite Ayat e Karima 313 times: La ilaaha illa annta subha-naka inni kunnt minaz zalimeen

3) Recite Durood Shareef one time

4) Make dua in your own language. Ask Allah to kindly remove your black magic problem. 

5) Recite Durood Shareef one more time 

Please note that you need to keep practicing this amal until your problem has been resolved. Ayat e Karima itself is based on repentance and Astaghfar, so it is advisable to keep it on. Insha Allah within a few days, you will begin to see signs of improvement. 

Stop blaming

As you practice the amal, please remove hatred from your heart for everyone. Ayat e Karima is all about taking responsibility for ourselves and accepting our own lack and weaknesses. Blaming others will not solve problems. Allah wants to see us improve ourselves by taking responsibility. 

Forgive all 

It is also very important to forgive everyone when you do this wazifa. When we do not forgive others and keep harsh feelings inside our heart, we hold on to their negativity. This keeps us trapped in their aura and mental influence. Forgiving others is easily done by understanding them and their position. The jealous person or the one who goes to black magicians is actually ignorant and they are not aware of their own fate. Soon they will come to realize. But if we forgive them, Allah will know that we were positive and we showed a much better character. 


Thanks for reading Powerful Ayat e Karima to destroy black magic

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