Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Surah Humazah English Transliteration

Surah Humazah is the 104th Surah of Quran and has nine verses

The meaning of Humazah is traducer, the one who defames or slanders someone's character.


"Wailulli kulli humazat-il-lumazah
Allazi jama'a maalaun wa-ad-dada
Yahsabu anna malahu akhlada
kalla layum bazanna fil hutamah
Wama adraaka mal hutamah
Naarullahil mu'qadah
Allati tat-taliu alal af-ida
In-naha alaihim mu'sada
Fe amadim-mumaddada"

This transliteration with meaning has been written in a way that it is easily pronounced by any English language reader, helping them recite the Surah Humazah without much trouble. I also suggest that you listen to the recitation of any qari while keeping an eye on the transliteration so that you can learn to memorise the exact pronunciation and tajweed.

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