Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Surah Feel English transliteration

This English transliteration of Surah Feel is an easy way for you to start to learn to pronounce Arabic text of Quran the right way. Written in simple and straightforward word structure, this transliteration is easy to read and understand for anyone without basic Arabic language knowledge.

"Alam tara kaifa fa'ala rabbuka be-ashaab-il feel
Alam yaj'al kai dahum fe tadhleel
Wa arsala alaihim tairan ababeel
Tarmeehim behijaratim min sij-jeel
Faja-alahum ka-asfim ma'kool"

Learning to pronounce Quran surahs is important, especially if you are struggling to learn basic Arabic. This English transliteration has been designed to help you get better at Quran recitation. If you have found this transliteration useful, please feel free to share it to those wanting to learn pronunciation.
Stay blessed!

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