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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to thank God for job offer?

3:52 PM
When you get a job offer after praying hard, it is time to appreciate and thank God for what He has done for you. Feeling of thankfulness and gratitude increases the blessing while ingratitude and lack of appreciation and thanks takes away blessings from our success. It can also be used as a powerful prayer for job offer.

Step # 1 Acknowledge that God is the real creator of your job offer.
Nothing happens without God's will and every single act of creation is being carried out by Him. Your job offer was the result of God's mercy. The first step to thanking God is acknowledging Him, His power, intelligence and His mercy. Thank You Lord for the job offer as nothing happens without your will. Thank You for making an impossible task possible.

Step # 2 Acknowledge that you were not entitled to get the job offer. It was only the result of God's mercy and favor. 
First off, ask God for forgiveness for our entitlement mentality as it fools us into thinking that we deserve all the success, all the happiness, health and we don't even know why. It is our ego. So tell God in your gratitude prayer that you didn't deserve the job offer - it was only the result of God's mercy on you. 

Step # 3 Thank God for the benefits this job offer will bring 
Make a mental list of benefits this job offer is going to create for you and tell God how thankful you are to Him for these benefits and blessings. For example, steady income on a monthly basis, end to unemployment, you can buy your family food, clothes, healthcare and other basic things for survival, more opportunities for employment as this job offer is sure to give you experience and skills. Charity (you can spend money for the needy, helping others). One by one, dwell on each benefit and tell God how grateful you are to Him for this favor (job offer). 

Step # 4 Thank God for people and things that played their role in job offer
Thank God for your potential employer who offered the job, people who brought you this offer, newspaper, internet and advertisement through which you came to know about this job, vehicle that you used to travel to the company. Thank God for your education, your parents and family who taught you right from the start, your teachers who enabled you to read, write and speak. Think about other things/people that God used as tools to bring you this job offer. You can list an unlimited number of these things and people. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

How to thank God for sales prospects - powerful prayer

4:57 PM
Real Gratitude or thankfulness can accelerate the process of getting more and more sales prospects. If you can learn to thank God for your existing business and sales - no matter how good or bad they are right now.  Just start thanking God for every single process of your sales and overall business progress. But it has been noticed that is is not easy to create the real feeling of thankfulness as we live in a society that encourages entitled behaviour and deservedness, which kill acknowledgment and appreciation of the Lord. Below are the steps that are foundation to creating the right and intense feeling of gratitude.

Step 1. Acknowledge that the real creator of the sale prospect is God and nothing else

Acknowledge that God is the real Creator of sale prospects. Thank you Lord for bringing the sale prospects and possible sales that will come as a result of this converted lead or prospect (all of this has happened by Your Will as nothing in the universe, or beyond universe, happens without Your Will). I acknowledge and understand that every single act of creation requires infinite intelligence and unlimited power, so how can a sale prospect visit and show their interest in buying from me or from my company? Thank You Lord for this great favour. Even the blinking of an eye requires unlimited intelligence and an unlimited number of processes (the brain connected to eye, the lens of the eye, the ability of the eye to see, the air that lets us stay alive so that we can blink that eye. See a small act of creation - blinking - requires unlimited power and infinite knowledge. Can you or any other human possess this much intelligence? Obviously not, then who's the real Creator here? Created things like sales, prospects, you and your team or all-powerful God? 

Step 2: Acknowledge that you are not entitled or special as it could have been worse (think of negative possible events that could have happened due to any reason, but they didn't happen luckily).

Acknowledge God for His mercy as a lot worse could have happened, resulting in no prospect and no sale. What makes you think that you deserve sales prospects? Do we owe God anything? What have we created ? Entitlement mindset is the biggest stumbling block in the way of genuine gratitude. Thank Lord that you kept me in business and saved me from unexpected events. The internet could have gone off during the time the sale prospect came. A storm or worst rainfall could have struck and caused my business operations to stop. Thanking Lord also for the sale prospect as they could have fallen ill. The prospect could have gone to any other business. The prospect could have changed their mind. Your product/website/email/ could have become non-functional due to any reason (it is one hundred percent possible). So, thank Lord for saving me all of these worse events that could have stopped my sales at once, leaving me blaming and complaining.

Dwelling on these two simple steps will create intense feelings of gratitude. Remember, gratitude increases abundance. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dua when taking a driving licence test

1:00 AM
Most people ask for an easy to memorize dua for taking a driving licence test. When things appear beyond you, you simply need to surrender your ego and rely completely on Allah who has power over all things. Relying on Allah can easily be done by a powerful Islamic dua.

Transliteration: Allahummal Tuf bi fi Taiseeri Kulli Aseerin Fa-inna Taiseera  Kulli Aseerin Alaika Yaseeru Wa As-aslukal Yusra Wal Mu-aafata Fid-dunya Wal-akhirah. 

Translation: "O Allah, turn an impossible task into a possible one, for nothing is difficult for you. And I seek your forgiveness in life after death and ease in my worldly affairs"

This dua has been recommended by Mufti Taqi Usmani, brother of Grand Mufti Pakistan (Mufti e Azam) and it has helped a lot of people complete their difficult tasks.

Before you go to take the driving test:

1) Recite the dua as often as you can 
2) Dwell on the meaning of this dua
3) Have full faith in Allah and His powers (think of his glorious names - Asma ul Husna  - to create the feelings of full belief)
4) Start imagining that Allah has listened to your dua and see yourself in mind that you have passed the driving licence test.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dua when building a new house

11:53 PM
Question: I am going to build a new house in a few months and I need an Islamic dua so that I can attract Allah's blessings and rehmat into my newly-built home.
Answer: There are many beautiful duas that can serve our  purpose. It is important that we turn to Allah in every situation. Making dua does not mean that you should act like you lack something which must be achieved all costs, but it should be more about deeper connection to the Almighty.

English translation of the dua: Allahumma La Sahla Illa Maa Ja-altahu Sahlan Wa-anta Taj-alul Hazna Iza Shi'ta Sahla

Building a new house/home is an important aspect of your worldly life and we should always stay alert of shaitain and his mischief as Allah warns in Quran of his deceptive ways. Many times, shaitan completes his agenda through jealous people around us as he tries to provoke hatred, jealousy and competition without any reason. Your newly-built house must be protected with blessings from Allah.

Stay blessed ! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Wazifa for getting respect in in-laws

4:54 PM
This is very powerful wazifa to get respect in your inlaws. You might have been troubled by some of your in-laws and there are times when you just feel like you can't do anything to remove the negative feelings haunting your mind. The problem may not be coming from one of your inlaws as shaitan wants to drive a wedge between two people and it could be you who is creating negative feelings (waswaas) for your inlaws. 

How to practice the wazifa:

1) After fajr salah, sit in a quite place
2) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as thanks and appreciation for Allah that he gave you chance to fix your problem
3) Recite "Ya Muqtadiru" for 313 times
4) Recite Surah Fatiha three times
5) Continue this wazifa for at least 40 days (if you can make it a habit, that's even better)

To get the desired results:

1) Have full faith in Allah and His ability to give you respect no matter how hard the situation seems.
2) Have patience as Allah also wants to see whether you are actually relying on Him or not. 
3) Start giving thanks to Allah for every single blessing He has given you. 
4) Don't let negative thoughts about your inlaws or others enter your mind as it is a recipe for attracting shayateen

Let me know how well you did and share your results with me. To your success ! Stay blessed. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dua - wazifa for success in operation

5:20 AM
Dua or wazifa is always your first and final refuge and when it comes to serious medical operations (bypass, or any other serious injury), your trust in Allah must be intact and it is done by making or doing a wazifa.
Whether you are going to undergo an operation in coming days or your loved one, you need this dua now. You can recite it on a regular basis, dwelling on the meaning.


Translation:  "I ask Allah, the Mighty, the Lord of the mighty throne, to heal you"

English translation: "As alallahul azeema rabbal arshil azeemi an yashfiyak"

Recite this dua as often as you can. Making dua or doing wazifa is not just about reciting verbally your wish or desire, as the more important thing is to let Allah know that you understand well what you are wanting from Him. Most of the times, we end up doing empty recitation with no passion and feeling in it, and as a result most of our duas go unanswered. 

For hundred percent results (success in operation):

1) Believe that Allah will cure the medical operation will be successful. 
2) Don't let doubts enter your mind at all as it gives a negative signal to Allah that you don't believe in His power, mercy and the ability to heal.
3) Give thanks to Allah for existing favours He has done you/the person undergoing operation (medical treatment, doctors, medicines, money that you used to pay for the initiation of the medical operation. 

Giving thanks is the key to getting hundred-percent results as Allah loves His praise and appreciation. Imagine if your patient never had a chance to be admitted to the hospital. Imagine if you had no money to pay for the operation and medicines. Say thanks to Allah for these favours. 

Wazifa Dua for success in everything

4:18 AM
By Admin PakRush

Whether you are troubled by money problems or you are worried about finding the right spouse for yourself or for anyone (from your family), putting all your trust in Allah is the way to remain successful -- both in this world and hereafter.
This wazifa will inshallah give you success in everything, if done according to what's instructed here.


1) Recite Surah Fatiha three time as thanks to Allah for every blessing and favour
2) Recite "Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakeel" 700 times

3) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as thanks to Allah once again for allowing you to do this wazifa for success in your goal/wish/dua.

Do this wazifa after fajr prayer. If you are not able to do the wazifa after fajr, you can do it after Asr salah.

For hundred percent results:

1) Have complete faith in Allah that your wish will be fulfilled and you will be successful in your goal (whatever it is)
2) Keep patience as shaitan loves to distract your focus and create doubts in your mind. Whenever doubts try to enter your mind, say Auzu billahi min-ashaitanir-rajeem" or "Innallaha ma'asaabireen"
3) Try your best to avoid sins as it angers Allah and takes away His mercy from us.
4) Do astaghfar as often as you can (as you never know some of your past mistakes/sins have blocked your success)
5) Start giving thanks to Allah for every single blessing He has given you.