Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Powerful affirmations for happy successful marriage

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, February 1, 2022


👍 I am thankful for my happy and peaceful married life 

👍 Marriage is bringing countless blessings into my life

👍 Everyday in every way, I am falling more in love with my spouse

👍 I am thankful for getting married to the love of my life



best happy successful marriage affirmations


👍 My marriage is passionate, loving and full of romance

👍 I have a positive attitude toward marriage and life 

👍 I accept my spouse with all my heart 

👍 I fully accept my spouse's weaknesses and limitations 



👍 Thank You God for bringing my dream life partner into my life 

👍 God is showering me with infinite love

👍 I am thankful for having a spouse who encourages and motivates me

👍 My spouse is exactly as I had imagined

👍 There is so much love and trust between me and my spouse

👍 I enjoy spending time with my spouse

👍 I fully accept my spouse's weaknesses 

👍 I am wanted

👍 I am happily married to a kind, loving person

👍 I feel safe and secure with my spouse 

👍 We both respect each other

👍 We both understand each other's needs

👍 My relationship with my spouse is joyous and fun

👍 My relationship with my spouse is growing stronger by the day

👍 Our relationship is free of conflict and I am thankful for it

👍 We both pay as much attention to each other as we did at the beginning of our relationship

👍 Thinking about the future of our relationship makes us feel excited and happy

How to make affirmations work super fast

A famous motivational guru, Dandapani, says: "With affirmations (to work effectively), three ingredients are necessary:
  1. Concise choice of positive words 
  2. Clear visualization (words alone aren't enough. So you need exact imagery and mental pictures of your desired state)
  3. A corresponding feeling (the feeling that is actually created after you have achieved your desire)

Check out this video to learn how you can use the affirmations most effectively:



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