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Top Redecorating Ideas for Your Old House

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With the passage of time, many things have become outdated. This holds particularly true for old houses. Some of the old turns of the 20th -century houses did not have proper plumbing or electricity. They may have been modernized, but eventually, the best modernization efforts fall short as new ideas, fashions and designs take over. Let us check for ourselves how we can go about redecorating an old house to make it as good as the very latest home on the block:

Paint it all Away!

As houses grow older, they develop unseemly cracks, molds, and broken trim lines. Here, the simplest idea would be to paint them over so that all of the old scars are permanently removed. You can use a slightly higher gloss for the trim while using a matt finish for the walls and ceilings. Alternatively, you can also opt for a regular two or even three-tone look.

In any case, make sure your finishing touches always carry your individual style and personality. A bold gray shade on the walls, dark oak polish on the furniture, and light paint on the walls and ceiling will really enhance the beauty of your old house and serve to make it an architectural standout.

Use Window Shades

In-window shades are somewhat different from hanging drapes in the sense that they leave most old and vintage window trim exposed to the environment. These in-window shades are also sometimes used to add a somewhat realistically modern touch to your old home. 

One that helps to keep the look and feel of an up-to-date residence. Albeit, without removing the original structural integrity of the house.

Redecorating the Kitchen

Old houses almost always come saddled with old and antiquated kitchens. Here, you will need to use state-of-the-art equipment, without compromising on the vintage look of the original kitchen. 

If you are interested in kitchen decorations then you should really consider buying new RTA Wood Cabinets as a means of renewing your old and vintage house. These cabinets are built to last and they can easily handle most of the work you put in a kitchen.

Best of all, they are available in a variety of styles and colors so that they can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your home.

Grow Plants to Create a Fresh and Healthy Look

There are umpteen advantages to growing plants; both in-house as well as in the garden. You will get plenty of oxygen and get a chance to be surrounded by vibrant colors and exotic fragrances. 

Apart from that, you can always grow fresh vegetables and fruits and pluck them straight from the plants once they are ripe. You can use multiple grow tents for different types of plants. This hobby can help you to pursue a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle.

Open Shelving Units

Open and airy shelves are a really neat and stylish means of adding more storage as well as display space for your books collectibles, and various other odds and ends. 

Best of all, you can do all of this without disturbing, or for that matter hiding the original architecture of your vintage residence with big clumsy bookcases and built-ins. Moreover, they have a certain old-world charm that brings out the long-lost elegance of a hitherto bygone era.

Embrace Simplicity

As a general rule, neat, clean, and simple furnishings are an excellent tool that will help to bring in a sense of modern life, even if the home is very traditional. It does not matter if you use either contemporary or modern furnishings. If they are simple enough, it won’t feel as if two entirely different styles are fighting with each other. 

Your ideal furniture choices should be focused on clean lines, rich textures, as well as soft colors. This way, you will not have to go radically modern, or for that matter, feel tied to obsolete and stuffy traditional trappings.


An old house does not need to give the air of a funeral home. You can redecorate it in line with your personality and taste. From wooden kitchen cabinets to indoor houseplants to minimalist furniture, you can do it all.


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