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How to Build the Ideal Online Presence for Your Restaurant

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Just like in every business, you need to have a strong marketing strategy to attract more customers to your restaurant. Considering the circumstance of lockdowns around the globe lately, these marketing strategies have drastically changed over the last year.

According to stats, 86% of restaurant customers order food online at least once per month. That’s excluding the massive surge in the popularity of food delivery services due to lockdowns.

Needless to say, it’s essential for restaurant owners to build a strong online presence if they want their business to thrive in 2021. Wondering how you do that? Here’s how.

Get a website for your restaurant

Every business needs a website to thrive in the tech-savvy world of today. If you haven’t got a website for your restaurant yet, what have you been doing, my friend? It’s time to build a website that best presents you to your audience. If you can’t do it yourself, get in touch with some web developing services soon and get it done.

Make sure your website is simple and intuitive. Don’t overdo and spam it with overly complex pieces of information stuffed in small sections — keep it simple. Use exotic images of the mouthwatering food you offer. Make the “ORDER” button clearly visible at every corner. Don’t tuck your menu away on specific pages of your website; make it easily accessible.

Make sure your website is SEO-optimized so people searching for food get redirected to you directly. Don’t shy away from hiring SEO professionals to make the magic happen.

Build social media profiles

Social media platforms are huge and it’s impossible for a business to build an online presence without heading towards those platforms. Make sure you have created business accounts/pages on every major social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

It doesn’t stop at creating the accounts, though. Make sure you have a team of social media handlers who are constantly working to promote your food. Direct them to post photos and videos of your delicious food regularly, and also communicate and engage with customer feedback in the comments section.

Develop a convenient online order system

Online food delivery sells like hotcakes now. Rather than dressing up and going out to eat at a restaurant, people tend to get food at their homes so they can eat conveniently in their pajamas. Make sure your online ordering system is simple and fast so they never look elsewhere.

You can also partner with local food delivery services. Every state and country has some sort of universal food delivery service that picks up food from restaurants and delivers it to customers. Make sure you’re partnering with such services in your area so you have the maximum exposure.

Build a name on popular search engines

Having a website is great and all, but it only works for people who already know about your restaurant and are looking for it. What about the people who aren’t specifically searching for a restaurant? That’s where search engines come into play.

When customers search for food online, they’re presented with a list of restaurants based on their preferences and location. You want to make sure your restaurant is mentioned on that list. Get as many reviews and engagements on your restaurant’s search engine portfolio as you can. Post pictures of food, ask people to engage, maybe even offer them freebies for providing a review? And yes, don’t forget to post your menu so people can order conveniently.

Use residential proxies for research

To figure out how well you’re doing with your restaurant’s website, as well as your social media and search engine presence, you can use residential proxies to research anonymously.

Turn on your proxy, search for food from different locations and analyze the performance of your online name. Make adjustments to improve performance accordingly.

Final words

Building an online presence is crucial for the success of any business, and that includes restaurants. People nowadays tend to order food online rather than going out to eat. That’s why it’s essential to have a reputed name online so people order the most from you.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can make sure you’re getting the maximum amount of impressions and engagements from your customers online.


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