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Coworking Spaces: Best Solutions to a Safe and Fun Working Environment

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With everyone returning to work, there are many different things to take into account and the different locations that you can work from. A location with increasing popularity that many entrepreneurs can now take advantage of is a coworking space, which is an office that encourages collaboration and is generally used by start-up businesses and those who are self-employed.

Where you can find them

With their increasing popularity, many different coworking spaces are popping up in different locations to meet the demand. Nowadays you can find these amenities in many places, for example, you can find coworking spaces in Chicago, where many self-employed members of society go to complete their workload. 

Finding a coworking space is a very simple task at the moment, there are many websites and apps at your disposal to help you find the right one, similar to how you would go about looking to rent or buy any other property. A few of these being Upsuite, and coworker.com, once on the site it is easy to search for what you are looking for using their filters.

Separating work from home

Working in a coworking space helps to separate your work life from your home life. Some people find it a lot easier to work in an environment where they aren’t being constantly reminded of the next tasks that need to be completed in the home; it is rather easy to procrastinate when you can see several different things that are unrelated to your work that need doing. 

Also, having a separate location to do your office work motivates you to have time set aside for the tasks to be completed where you will be able to get into the right frame of mind.


Sharing space with others can help with networking for those who aren’t comfortable at public networking events. This is because coworking spaces foster collaboration and discussion while you are working, even the common areas which are shared amongst the different companies are available for workers to discuss amongst themselves for the social side of things, without the pressure of making connections. 

Being self-employed and working from home can sometimes limit your social interaction, so going to these coworking spaces is a way for you to interact with other people in the same position as you, it may even give you the ability to discuss any problems you are having with those who have already overcome them.

All-inclusive price

The reason why coworking spaces are so popular amongst entrepreneurs and start-ups is that the price to rent the space is better than renting your own office space. With coworking spaces, most don’t require you to pay a deposit or rent the location for long periods of time, so if money does become an issue, you can move out quickly. Most of these offices also include the use of general equipment within the price, so instead of paying for the rent, furniture, and appliances, you would be paying one single price for everything.

Meeting Clients

If your business is one that requires face-to-face interaction with clients, or you need to set up business meetings with other people, having a coworking space allows you to do just that. There is no need for you to give away your home address or spend money on having a working lunch in a busy pub or restaurant when you can use an office in the building. 

Using a coworking space to meet your clients or someone you aren’t familiar with can ease the nerves because it is a place that you are familiar with and there will be others around in case something isn’t as it seems, so all you will need to do is focus on the main points that will be broached in the meeting. 

Even for your online multilingual meetings, you could easily set up the table that you rent in the coworking space and use remote interpreting for a successful virtual event.


It is understandable why coworking spaces are increasing in popularity, given how much they can help an entrepreneur when they are just starting out, whether that be with networking, equipment costs, or having a space set aside specifically for work tasks. It is important to consider what you require from an office when making the decision of whether a coworking space is the best option for you and your growing business.


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