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8 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Healthy

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Ideally, a healthy relationship is one that lets both of you feel connected to each other and still feel independent. It is a relationship that makes both of you feel generally well. You see, the relationship that you have with your spouse contributes greatly to your emotional, mental, and general well-being.

In addition, a healthy relationship is packed with a lot of other benefits. When you are comfortable and happy, you are able to respond positively to life stresses. You are able to adopt healthier behaviors, leading to a longer life. Above all, you feel a greater sense of purpose in life nurturing a relationship.

The question, however, remains what makes a healthy relationship. The following are ways that you can tell if your relationship is healthy.

1. Honest Communication

Communication is very critical for a relationship to thrive. You will know that your relationship is healthy if you can freely express yourself without the fear of being intimidated or ridiculed. 

The communication is two ways in that you listen to each other and everyone feels heard.

2. Fair Fights

Fights are inevitable in any relationship. In fact, you should be very careful in a relationship that has no fights. That could mean that one of you is not genuine, or is holding back something. People in a healthy relationship fight, but they fight fairly without insulting or humiliating the other person. They fight for their relationship, but not each other.

3. There is Independence

The fact that you are together doesn’t mean that you will have the same interests, pursue the same dreams, keep the same friends, and literally do everything together. You each had your own dreams before coming together. 

A healthy relationship will provide a conducive environment for each person to pursue his or her interests, and personal growth. You should in fact be supporting each other’s dreams as the biggest cheerleader. When you grow individually, you become stronger together.

4. You Appreciate Each Other 

Relationships thrive when you appreciate each other. You are different individuals and each of you contributes a share in the happiness and joy that you savor in. If you are in a healthy relationship, you and your partner will be always eager to appreciate each other. You will not need a reason to celebrate the other person. Gift-giving comes naturally to you.

Pro tip: If you want to appreciate your partner, you can never go wrong with music. If your partner is a music lover, download free music making software and send them tunes that you created yourself. You will be giving your partner something to remember you by even when you are apart from each other.

5. There is Trust 

The truth of the matter is that you can’t be able to follow your partner whenever he or she goes around the clock. You will have to trust the other person if you are to set each other free. That means staying away from snooping into each other’s phones or tracking their whereabouts. You will also not keep any secrets from each other. If trust is present in the relationship, then that is a healthy one.

6. You don’t tell bad things about each other to other people

Most people run to other people when their relationship faces a problem. While your partner would be the last person you want to see when you are mad, venting out to other people only shows that your relationship is unhealthy. 

In a healthy relationship, talking ill about your partner to other people would be the last thing on your mind. You will seek to fix the problem with your partner first before reaching out to a third party.

7. Your relationship is a safety net

Life happens and a day has a lot to deal with. At the end of the day, you want to go home to a quiet place where you will find peace and rest that you so much need. If your relationship is a safe haven that you want to run to when things get tough, it is definitely healthy.

8. You find balance

A relationship demands for so much especially when you are living together. There are the chores and paying bills and childcare among other things. Most couples fail to find a balance, and one partner will often feel overwhelmed. 

When you are in a healthy relationship, finding a balance is not a difficult thing. You are able to play fair with your spouse in this aspect. And in the end, having holidays together will reward all your hard work on keeping the balance up.


Technically, a healthy relationship boils down to good communication and healthy boundaries.

In other words, you communicate openly, honestly, respectfully and without criticism. In addition, you respect each other’s personal life as well as trust each other.

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