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10 Easy-to-Spot Signs Angels Are Around You

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Angels are real. All religions have discussed the presence of angels in their scriptures and it is mandatory for all major religions followers such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism to have faith in the presence of angels.  Angels are everywhere and with every human being and other species.  Sometimes, these angels try to establish communication with you but it is a very subtle and quite process that many of us fail to understand their presence.

How to know if angels are around me

We all have guardian angels with us who protect us from calamity, accidents and other harmful events in our lives. They also guide us but their guidance comes through signs. No human being can claim to speak directly with angels because it is beyond the sense and perception of human beings apart from the Prophets who are appointed by God, Allah and Creator of this universe.  

There are 10 most common signs that angels are trying to communicate with you.

1) Feathers

When angels are around you may find feathers lying at home

Traditionally, the most common sign associated with the presence of angels is feathers lying on the ground around your house or office.  You might find feathers while in your walk-through area of the house or staircase.  The sight of the feather also surprises you—another surefire sign that there are angels trying to communicate with you.  You should not ignore this event. Once you have seen the feathers in a surprising manner, you should sit down in a quiet environment and try to learn the message being delivered to you. They may be sending some important message to you regarding your health, wealth and relations.

2) Feelings of Well-Being, Tinkling and Tingling in Body

Angel presence makes you feel good

Another most common sign of angels being around you is that you would have the feelings well-being, being at peace and in a serene mood. Usually, these feelings are evidenced by tinkling and tingling in the body. You might get shivers down your throat in a positive manner.
Angels love to tickle and make you happy and content. This is a fleeting moment of joy and ecstasy and you should notice this when it happens.  A very blissful state that rarely comes in our life is often a sign that angels are around us.

3) Flashes of Light

Flashes of light can be a sign angels are nearby

Flashes of light are also an indication of angels’ presence in your house. People usually fret the idea of seeing flashes of light that come out of nowhere.  That’s angels’ way of opening the communication channel with you. You don’t need to worry about the event or feel panicked because these are the angels sending some message across or just simply there to protect from any ill-fated incident. You would also notice that the flash of light goes out quickly in a matter of seconds and you feel better and complete after the happening. If you keep your mind open, you would sense their presence.

4) Butterflies

Butterfly near your house is a sign angels are around

The presence of butterflies around your house or in your living room is another indication of angels. The butterflies convey the feelings of peace, positive and joyful and that is precisely the job of angels.  Butterflies may also be a sign of an upcoming positive change in your life.  The feelings generated after the sight of butterflies are very intuitive. Once you have spotted butterflies, quiet your mind and think about what the message being conveyed to you.

5) Cold and Warmth

Angles presence brings sudden changes to temperature

Another indication of angels being around you is the intense feeling of warmth and cold. You could notice a sudden change in temperature in your surroundings. It can be from normal temperature to sudden cold or warmth. The warmth might even result in you sweating a little.  Quite your mind and pay close attention to the presence of angels and you will get the idea what message angels are trying to convey to you.

6) Doves, Birds and Robins

When you a see a white bird near, angels could be around

Traditional knowledge says that birds, especially the white ones, are a sign of angels. They carry strong, vibrant and positive spiritual colour and message.  If you notice the presence of white birds near your house, office or any other place you go, you should check your feelings instantly. If the feelings are positive and intensely spiritual then that may be the sign of angels around you.  White is a colour of symbols because they are pure beings and directly commanded by Allah (God) to carry out certain duties.

7) Angel Numbers

Angels may use numbers to communicate and give us specific messages

Angels often use numbers to deliver specific messages to us. The numbers are in this sequence such as 111, 222, 333 etc.

8) Scent and Smell

Lovely odour and nice smell is a sign angels are around

The lovely odor, scent and smell is also a sign of angels being around us.  The smell might come from the spirit of person who has deceased in your family.  The smell is very powerful, positive and encouraging. If you feel this, then you should quite your mind and try to understand the message being delivered to you.

9) Coins and Pennies

Money and coins lying around could be a sing angels are around

Another indication of angels in our surrounding is that you might spot coins and pennies in places where you did not put them. For example, while coming down the staircase of your house, you could see the coins lying.  

10) Hearing Voices and Talking

Hearing voices in your head can sometimes be linked to angels presence

Hearing voices in a very subtle and pleasant manner is also a sign of angels’ presence. Remember, the voices from angels do not scare us at all. If you get scared either in dream or awake, then these are not the angels but rather it might be from demons or some psychotic problems that you may have.
The hearing voices and talking with angels does not upset or make us worry rather it is a very refreshing feeling. 


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