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All Asma ul Husna wazaif to recite and practice

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, June 30, 2019
Asma ul Husna are the beautiful names of Allah and they are mentioned in the Quran 4 times. There are countless virtues and blessings of learning these names and in order to gain the maximum benefit, we have compiled an entire list of wazaif, with Urdu translation.

Learning, practising and dwelling on the beautiful names of Allah is a central concept in Tuaheed, upon which Islam is based. So, the importance of Asma ul Husna should be known to every Muslim and now is the best time to solve our problems, create happiness and live a successful life both in this dunya and life after death.
All Asma ul husna wazaif explained in Urdu

Asma ul Husna wazaif for many problems
Asma ul Husna wazaif Urdu translation
Asma ul husna wazaif in urdu translation
Asma ul Husna wazaif list in Urdu details

Increase in Rizq

Receiving rizq on a consistent basis, and with ease, is something every Muslims is usually concerned about and what can be better than using Asma ul Husna wazifa to fulfil our desire. In order to gain the maximum benefit, which is to get continued barkat and abundance in rizq, we must first understand the meaning of this beautiful name mentioned in the above list. Ya Basitu Ya Mun'imu should not only be recited with tongue, but we should be aware why Allah has this attribute.

Asma ul Husna for increase and barkat in rizq

We all know that it is easy for God to give us more and more rizq, but that's not the whole story here. The real thing Allah sees in us is that how much we trust in Him and His names. For Him, nothing is impossible, but He waits for us to show Him that we value His powers, mercy and love. 

Khair and barkat

As we live our day-to-day life, we get involved in so many things. From getting married to becoming parents and from earning money to having relations with people, we often experience a lack of khair and barkat and this creates problems for us. Allah has not left us alone in this area too as we have His powerful attributes at our disposal. Reciting this wazifa with full faith and gratitude can create miracles.
Asma ul Husna wazifa for khair and barkat Urdu

People are usually worried about khair and barkat regarding new and old house, children, marriage, business shops and factory, relationships, education, rizq in general, vehicles for travel such as cars and a series of other things. Since evil eye, jealousy and due to not thanking Allah for these blessings, we often face problems and this blocks our life.

For depending on Allah alone

asma ul husna for depending on Allah and avoiding mohtaaji

This asma ul Husna wazifa can be recited to gain strength and avoid depending on others. Mohtaji, which is to become entirely dependent on other people, should be discouraged and should never be confused with getting assistance or support from others. When you get help from others, you do not compromise your individuality or worth, but when you lose control of your self, you are at the mercy of others (mohtaaj) who are usually driven by ego, selfishness and  their own self interests as they might be temped by Satan to take unfair advantage of you.

For respect 

Asma ul husna for getting respect

If you want to receive respect from everyone and win over their heart, you have this beautiful wazifa at your disposal. Admit it or not, you are always looking for respect from others, but sadly most of the times you try to find it in things that have no power to give it to you. The right solution to this is to directly connect our soul to the Power that creates it. And the only Power that can create is is Allah. This dua-wazifa is equally effective for desires such as getting respect in in-laws and society in generally.

People will like you

asma ul husna for people to like you

If you want people to like and admire you, this asma ul husna wazifa can be practised. We humans live in societies and we depend on people for many of our life affairs. If everybody is out there to get you and you think you are not likeable, you have to put your trust in Allah and His powerful attribute through reciting these names. 

For good health

asma ul husna for good health
You cannot live a happy and fulfilled life without having good health. Many people are still looking for satisfaction in this most important area of life even though science and tech has produced advanced medicines and treatment. One of the biggest reasons for people to lose health can be traced back to spiritual issues such as having anger problem, depression, jealousy and other psychological issues, which often end up damaging health in the form of diseases. 

This wazifa can be practised by taking the time out from your busy schedule. You can sit in silence, dwell on the meaning of these beautiful asma ul husna, making it part of your everyday life. Remember, nothing pleases more than His remembrance. 

Namaz ki pabandi

asma ul husna wazifa for namaz ki pabandi
If you or anyone you know is having trouble focusing on prayer and namaz, then this wazifa is a solution. There are times when we lack spiritual momentum and it gets hard for us to concentrate on our worship. Learning these names of Allah will connect us to the divine love and guidance. 

In order to make it part of your recitation, you can do dedicated sessions of this wazifa. You can sit in a quite place and recite it without setting yourself any certain number. Just recite to point where you feel enough, focus on its meaning and expect miracles from Allah that He is having His mercy upon you by increasing your interest in prayers and namaz. 

For getting rid of sins

asma ul husna wazifa to get rid of sins
It is very important for every Muslim to keep reviweing themselves on a regular basis because ours sins push mercy of Allah away from us. If you are worried about your bad life, you must realise that nothing is bigger than rehma of Allah and for this we rely on His names.

You can include these names in your regular supplication that you do after every namaz. Ask Him by using the asma ul husna and Inshallah you will get rid of life of sins.   


Thanks for reading All Asma ul Husna wazaif to recite and practice

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