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5 actionable business success quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk

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Successful business is not built on daydreaming and wishful thinking. Everybody thinks big, but still most of the people fail to take their work to the next level. 

These Gary Vaynerchuck quotes are timeless. Every student, newbie, and people wanting to start their business should internalise the message to avoid getting into a psychological trap that keeps you from executing your business ideas. 

1. Execution is the game

You can't "read" about business and entrepreneurship and expect to win.
Via GaryVee

2. Stop telling people what you're going to do. Show them instead

Via GaryVee

 3. Too much head nodding and so little execution

via GaryVee

4. Enough listening. Now start doing

5. Business success takes time, so don't expect quick gains 

Building a business and running it successfully is mostly about execution, although planning, investment and skills have their importance. But the fact is, people who fail to start a successful career are actually those who spend most of their energies in daydreaming and making plans, but never having the courage to actually execute and implement to get where they want to.

You are probably wondering what it takes to execute your plans and start generating revenues. The quick way to execute is just start doing what you can do, not what you "should" do. It is as simple as that.

Many newbies end up wasting their time worrying too much about being unique, smart and act like they should know a secret to success. They will try to take unusual steps in their business in the hope of doing something phenomenal. This fancy thinking has nothing to do with business or getting rich

Clear up misconception  
A common misconception among people about business success is that "every successful businessman must have done something unique or secretive that led to their success". The wrong mindset is the real culprit behind keeping you stuck for years. 

Dan Lok has put it in a more simple way as why you will never even begin to execute your brilliant ideas and actually build your business into a money-making empire. Ideas are great and the reality is every success starts with an idea, but what struggling entrepreneurs fail to understand is that getting concrete results (sales and profits on a regular basis) takes action that leads to completion of entire business success process. 

The fact is, ideas are never put into practice due to fear, lack of confidence, laziness, paying too much attention to negative opinions of people and other limiting beliefs that block our success. 

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