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Is fear good or bad? an Islamic view

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fear is generally considered a debilitating, or simply, a negative emotion. But it can also be a positive emotion when it motivates us to do things that serve us mentally and physically. So how does Islam look at fear and whether it is good or bad. Your fear of electric current is good because if you are not on guard, it can hurt you, or even kill you.

Does Allah like or appreciate fear?
"Fear is a very interesting emotion. It can motivate or it can paralyze. It can be productive or it could be destructive, depending on who you fear, why you fear and what you fear. That fear is either praised in the Quran or it is looked down upon when it becomes paralyzing and destructive and leads you to nowhere but despair." Omar Suleiman

By default, fear is a paralyzing emotion, but when it is directed toward God, the Creator of our destiny - the same emotion becomes beneficial and even rewarding as it makes us fearless of created things (humans, temptations, physical threats, situations, or anything existing in the universe)
"And unless you have that hope to balance you out. There is no way that, that fear could possibly be productive because the default of fear is that it is a paralyzing emotion. It needs hope in order for it to be productive"

"Fear is a more comprehensive emotion in the Quran. There are different things that you fear. Some people fear death.

How fearing God is productive while fearing His creation (people, their behaviour, enemy and unwanted situations) is nonproductive and destructive
"I want you to picture this scene in Madina, and this Hadith sends shivers down my spine because I always think about it -- when I think about the quality of the quality (and level) of fearlessness that we take from Prophet (S.A.W).

How fearing God alone makes us fearless of  creation/humans
"Anas Ibn Malik (R.A), as he usually did when he would reflect on the life of the Prophet (S.A.W), described a beautiful quality of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, and then a manifestation of that beautiful quality. So he says The Prophet (S.A.W) was the best of people, and in this context he was also speaking about the way that He (SAW) was externally. He (PBUH) was the most perfect of people, and the most generous of people, and the most courageous of people./.

"And he (Anas ibn Malik) recalls that incident that took place where there was some noise outside in the middle of the night, in Madina, and the people thought that they were under attack. So when Madinah is under attack, where do you think the Prophet (SAW) should go? What do you think the protocol should be? Shouldn't everyone surround the house of the Prophet (SAW) and make sure that He is protected?

"Madina is supposedly under attack and he (Anas Ibn Malik) we came out and we see the Prophet (SAW) riding on His horse, unstrapped to it so He is completely unrestrained on this horse and He has sword in His hand and the Prophet PBUH is riding around to make sure that whatever came would be deterred and He says to the companions, the people of Madinah: do not be afraid, do not be afraid


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